Best Walking Shoes For Flat Feet And Bad Knees

Walking is a wonderful way to stay active and maintain your health. But if you have flat feet and troublesome knees, it can often feel like an uphill battle. Think of it like attempting a marathon with a painful pebble in your shoe and the extra burden of a piano on your back the struggle is real.

Best Walking Shoes For Flat Feet And Bad Knees

Finding the perfect walking shoes is crucial for this journey. With the right pair, you’ll feel as if you’re walking on air. You’ll be able to tackle longer walks, explore new trails, and who knows, maybe even bust a spontaneous dance move. Now, let’s delve into the specifics of the best walking shoes for flat feet.

1.  Saucony Women’s VERSAFOAM Cohesion 12 Road Running Shoe  – Best Slip-Resistant Option

Saucony Women's VERSAFOAM Cohesion 12 Road Running Shoe

I might not be an avid runner, but when my sister introduced me to the Saucony Women’s VERSAFOAM Cohesion 12 Road Running Shoe, I couldn’t help but be impressed.

She shared about how these shoes made her feel like she was walking on clouds, and watching her float around, I couldn’t help but believe her.

One thing that truly sets these running shoes apart is the perfect balance they strike between comfort, support, and style. Having experimented with various running shoes in the past, I can confidently assert that these shoes offer an exceptional level of comfort, especially during long runs.

Saucony VERSAFOAM Cohesion 12 stand out because of its innovative VERSAFOAM cushioning technology integrated into the midsole. This technology excels at absorbing the impact of each step, effectively reducing pressure on your feet. The result is a feeling of lightness and effortlessness with every stride. To top it off, the shoes feature a breathable upper, ensuring your feet stay cool and dry, even during the most intense workouts.

Beyond their superior comfort, these shoes are also a statement of style and versatility. I personally adore the color scheme of the pair I purchased; it’s a perfect complement to my workout attire. The design is sleek and modern, making these shoes suitable not only for running but also for everyday wear.

From their unbeatable comfort to their eye-catching style, the Saucony Women’s VERSAFOAM Cohesion 12 Road Running Shoe is a must-have for anyone serious about their workout routine.

 Features That Make It Shine:

  • Imported
  • Rubber sole for durability
  • Grid Technology with VersaFoam Cushioning
  • Durable rubber outsole for the most demanding workouts
  • Supportive rubber overlays
  • Outstanding Comfort
  • Excellent Support
  • Stylish Design
  • Breathable Upper
  • Durable Construction
  • Sizing May Run Smal

Why you should buy Saucony Women’s VERSAFOAM Cohesion 12 Road Running Shoe?

You should buy the Saucony Women’s VERSAFOAM Cohesion 12 Road Running Shoe because of its exceptional Comfort. The VERSAFOAM cushioning technology in the midsole provides unparalleled comfort, ensuring each step feels cushioned and effortless. This feature makes them a top choice for those seeking a cozy and supportive shoe for their running or walking needs.

2. Brooks Women’s Ghost 14 Neutral Running Shoe  –  Best For All Day Wear

Brooks Women's Ghost 14 Neutral Running Shoe

The Brooks Women’s Ghost 14 Neutral Running Shoe, is a remarkable footwear innovation that will revolutionize your running experience. These shoes offer a unique blend of features that ensure top-notch comfort, support, and style.

The standout feature is undoubtedly the DNA LOFT cushioning. It’s like giving your feet a warm, comforting hug with every step. What sets these shoes apart is their adaptability, they conform to your stride, providing a personalized fit that’s tailor-made just for you.

But these shoes are not just about performance they’re a fashion statement waiting to be made. The sleek and stylish design is not only eye-catching but practically runway-worthy.

The breathable mesh upper ensures that your feet remain cool and dry, even during intense workouts. These shoes strike the perfect balance between cushioning, and offering a not-too-soft, not-too-firm feel, ensuring you can conquer miles without a hint of discomfort or pain.

Durability is another strong suit of the Ghost 14. I’ve put these shoes through the wringer, and they still look and feel brand new. You can rely on them, whether you’re heading out for a casual run or an intense training session.

Moreover, the 3D Fit Print Upper Technology offers both structure and flexibility, providing a secure and comfortable fit. These shoes have received the APMA Seal of Acceptance and are certified as a PDAC A5500 Diabetic shoe, providing you with assurance of their quality, comfort, and style.

 Features That Make It Shine:

  • DNA LOFT Cushioning
  • Adaptive Design
  • Stylish Look
  • Breathable Mesh
  • Exceptional Durability
  • BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT Cushioning
  • Segmented Crash Pad
  • 3D Fit Print Upper Technology
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Improved fit
  • Versatile for running
  • Available in a wide range
  • bit heavy compared to other running shoes

Why you should buy Brooks Women’s Ghost 14 Neutral Running Shoes?

The Brooks Women’s Ghost 14 Neutral Running Shoe is a must-have for runners who demand both style and substance. Its unique DNA Loft foam provides a plush and responsive ride, making every step feel effortless.  With its smooth and comfortable fit, the Ghost 14 offers the perfect balance of cushioning and support.

3. ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 28 Running Shoes – Best For Everyday Walking

ASICS Women's Gel-Kayano 28 Running Shoes

ASICS continues to make strides in the world of athletic footwear, and the Women’s Gel-Kayano 28 Running Shoes are a testament to their commitment to comfort and performance. These imported shoes are equipped with a range of features designed to enhance your running experience.

The OrthoLite X-55 sock liner takes the lead in improving comfort. It’s like a plush cushion that cradles your feet, providing a soft and supportive foundation for your runs. This means you can say goodbye to those uncomfortable runs that leave your feet aching.

One of the standout features of these shoes is the AHAR Plus Outsole. ASICS has strategically placed this exceptionally durable compound in critical areas of the outsole. What does that mean for you? These shoes are built to last. In fact, they’re 50% more durable than standard ASICS High Abrasion Rubber. You can confidently tackle those tough terrains without worrying about your shoes giving up on you.

The Trusstic System technology in these shoes is a game-changer. It reduces the weight of the sole unit while retaining the structural integrity of the shoe. What you get is a pair of shoes that are both lightweight and solid. You won’t feel like you’re lugging around extra weight on your runs.

The Engineered Mesh Upper is another feature worth mentioning. This multi-directional mesh material not only enhances ventilation but also contributes to the shoe’s stability. Your feet will stay cool and dry even during intense workouts.

The Dynamic DuoMax Support System is a welcomed addition. It’s an evolution of the DuoMax system and excels in providing stability and support. What’s even better is that it accomplishes this with reduced weight, ensuring your feet have the platform support they need without the added bulk.

 Features That Make It Shine:

  • Comfort: OrthoLite X-55
  • Durability: AHAR Plus Outsole
  • Lightweight Support: Trusstic System
  • Ventilation & Stability: Engineered Mesh Upper
  • Enhanced Support: DuoMax System
  • Superior cushioning
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Responsive and stable
  • Dynamic DuoMax support system
  • Excellent traction and grip
  • Expensive running shoes

Why you should buy ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 28 Running Shoes?

ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 28 Running Shoes are a fantastic choice for those in search of comfort, durability, and support. If you’re an experienced runner or just starting, these shoes have what it takes to make your runs more enjoyable and less taxing on your feet. So, lace up, hit the road, and experience the difference for yourself.

4. Gravity Defyer Women’s G-Defy XLR8 Run –  Best For Speed Walking

Gravity Defyer Women's G-Defy XLR8 Run
The Gravity Defyer Women’s G-Defy XLR8 Run shoes are a game-changer for long-distance running. With their synthetic sole, they provide a solid foundation for your every stride.

The VersoCloud Multidensity sole features a responsive tri-zone design with nucleated polymers and stabilizers that absorb shock, enhance balance, and boost energy return.

These shoes are not just about comfort but also safety. The hardened TPU full-perimeter shank offers protection from mid-foot trauma and hyperflexion injuries, ensuring maximum lateral stability during running, walking, and standing.

Along with this, the non-slip heel counter keeps your heel securely in place, preventing inflammation and discomfort.

The 220 Needle Wool Blend Knit upper adds a touch of luxury, making these shoes stylish and comfortable. As a fantastic bonus, every box includes a pair of podiatrist-grade CorrectiveFit orthotic insoles. These insoles are a real game-changer, correcting your body alignment and providing relief for plantar fasciitis.

 Features That Make It Shine:

  • Synthetic Sole
  • VersoCloud Multidensity Sole
  • Hardened TPU Perimeter Shank
  • Non-Slip Heel Counter
  • 220 Needle Wool Blend Upper
  • Bonus CorrectiveFit Insoles
  • Shock Absorption
  • Stability Support
  • Non-Slip Heel
  • Wool Blend Comfort
  • Bonus Insoles
  • Slightly small lace holes

Why you should buy Gravity Defyer Women’s G-Defy XLR8 Run?

Gravity Defyer Women’s G-Defy XLR8 Run has a unique feature of VersoShock technology that ensures excellent shock absorption, which is especially helpful for people with foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis. With its comfortable fit and durable construction, it’s a shoe you can wear daily for any activity or occasion.

5. DLGJPA Men’s Lightweight Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

DLGJPA Men’s Lightweight Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes are a fantastic find for those who love water activities and more.

These shoes boast a unique, top-quality anti-slip rubber sole, along with open mesh on the upper and holes on the sole. This combination allows for superior breathability and quick drying, ensuring a cooler and healthier environment for your feet.

Moreover, the upper is constructed with breathable, ultra-lightweight fabric, and the anti-slip rubber sole provides excellent flexibility and comfort. This not only protects your feet but also enhances stability and overall comfort.

Adjusting these shoes to fit your feet perfectly is a breeze. The elastic straps can be quickly adapted to the width of your foot, eliminating the annoyance of tying your shoes. Additionally, the pull tab at the heel makes for quick and easy entry, ensuring your feet stay securely in place.

DLGJPA water shoes feature exceptional toe protection, making them suitable for various conditions. The full covering design ensures an even wrap around your feet, offering superior protection compared to other water shoes.

These shoes are perfect for a wide range of activities, making them a versatile addition to your footwear collection. Whether you’re headed to a water park, the beach, for swimming, jogging, yoga, or any sport that involves water, these shoes have you covered.


 Features That Make It Shine:

  • Quick Drying
  • Breathable Material
  • Elastic Straps
  • Full Covering Design
  • Versatile Usage
  • Lightweight
  • Best For Watersports
  • Non-slip rubber outsole
  • Breathable design
  • Flexible
  • Versatile
  • None

Why you should buy DLGJPA Men’s Lightweight Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes?

DLGJPA Men’s Lightweight Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes are designed to enhance your comfort and performance during water-based activities. With their quick-drying, breathable, and flexible features, they’ll become your go-to choice for any adventure involving water.

What Does It Mean To Have Flat Feet?

Flat feet refer to a condition where the arches on the inside of your feet are lower or flatter than the typical arches found in feet.

These arches serve to distribute your body weight evenly and absorb shock during movement. In flat feet, these arches lack the usual pronounced curve, and in some cases, they may even touch the ground completely.

Two Types of Flat Feet:

There are two primary categories of flat feet: flexible flat feet and rigid flat feet.

Flexible Flat Feet (Most Common):

In the case of flexible flat feet, the arches are visible when the feet are raised off the ground, but they flatten when standing and bearing weight. These flat feet often develop during childhood and may have a hereditary component.

Rigid Flat Feet (Less Common):

Rigid flat feet are less common and present a different scenario. In individuals with rigid flat feet, no arches are visible, regardless of whether they are bearing weight. This type of flat feet is typically the result of structural abnormalities or deformities within the foot structure.

Living with Flat Feet:

Some individuals with flat feet may adapt well and not experience any significant issues. However, for others, flat feet can lead to various problems such as overpronation, foot and ankle pain, shin splints, instability, or difficulties with balance.

For those who have flat feet and encounter discomfort or pain, it’s advisable to seek out supportive footwear to address and alleviate these issues. Proper footwear can make a significant difference in managing the challenges associated with flat feet and ensuring comfort during daily activities.

Why Do You Need Special Shoes For Flat Feet?

Individuals with flat feet often face challenges related to weight distribution and foot alignment, primarily due to the absence of proper arch support. This can lead to problems like excessive inward rolling of the foot and a lack of shock absorption, potentially causing discomfort and pain.

Specialized shoes for flat feet are crucial for several reasons:

Arch Support: These shoes are designed with built-in arch support, compensating for the lower arches in flat feet. This support helps maintain proper foot alignment and reduces strain on the feet, ankles, and lower limbs.

Overpronation Control: Overpronation, a common issue for people with flat feet, can result in instability and an increased risk of injury.

Shoes for flat feet often feature motion control or stability technologies that help control overpronation and promote a more neutral foot position. This is especially important for individuals who spend a lot of time on their feet.

Shock Absorption: Flat feet may struggle with shock absorption, leading to discomfort during various activities. Shoes designed for flat feet typically incorporate high-quality cushioning and shock-absorbing materials in the midsole. This feature effectively reduces the impact on the feet and joints, making walking and other activities more comfortable.

In summary, special shoes for flat feet address the unique needs of individuals with this condition. They provide essential support, control overpronation, and enhance shock absorption, ensuring better comfort and reducing the risk of discomfort and injuries.

Walking Shoes Buying Guide For Flat Feet and Bad Knees

Look for shoes with good arch support: 

Shoes with good arch support will help support the natural arch of your foot and reduce strain on your knees. Look for shoes with features such as a contoured footbed, a built-in arch support, or a firm midsole.

Shoes with cushioning: 

Shoes with cushioning will help absorb shock and reduce the impact on your knees. Look for shoes with features such as foam padding, gel inserts, or air pockets.

Shoes with a stable sole and wide base: 

Shoes with a stable sole and wide base will provide a solid foundation for your foot, improve your balance, and reduce the risk of ankle and knee injuries.


Shoes that are flexible will allow your feet to move naturally, reducing strain on your knees. Look for shoes with a flexible sole that can bend easily.

Roomy toe box: 

Shoes with a roomy toe box will reduce pressure on your toes and improve overall comfort. Look for shoes that have enough space in the toe area to wiggle your toes comfortably.


Lightweight shoes are easier to walk in and put less strain on your knees. Look for shoes made of lightweight materials, such as mesh or synthetic leather.

Good ventilation: 

Shoes with good ventilation will keep your feet cool and dry, reducing the risk of blisters and other foot problems. Look for shoes made of breathable materials or with mesh panels.


Shoes that are made from high-quality materials and are built to last will provide good support over time. Look for shoes made from durable materials, such as leather or synthetic leather.

Proper fit: 

Get your feet measured to ensure a proper fit. Consider trying on shoes at the end of the day when your feet may be more swollen. Make sure there is enough room in the toe box and that the shoe feels snug but not too tight.

Custom-made shoes or orthotic inserts: 

If you have particularly severe flat feet or knee problems, consider custom-made shoes or orthotic inserts. These can provide a higher level of support and help alleviate pain or discomfort. Consult with a podiatrist or orthopaedic specialist for recommendations.


What are the best walking shoes for flat feet and bad knees?

The best walking shoes for flat feet and bad knees have good arch support, cushioning, stability, and flexibility. Look for shoes with a roomy toe box, lightweight materials, good ventilation, and durability. Consider custom-made shoes or orthotic inserts for severe cases.

Can walking shoes with good arch support help with knee pain caused by flat feet?

Yes, walking shoes with good arch support can help reduce knee pain caused by flat feet. The arch support helps to support the natural arch of your foot, which reduces the strain on your knees. Look for shoes with a built-in arch support, a contoured footbed, or a firm midsole.

How do I know if a shoe is good for flat feet and bad knees?

A good walking shoe for flat feet and bad knees should have features such as arch support, cushioning, stability, flexibility, and a roomy toe box. It should also fit properly and feel comfortable. Consult with a podiatrist or orthopedic specialist for recommendations.

Are flat feet good for walking?

Flat feet are less effective at maintaining the body’s stability compared to feet with a regular arch. This can lead to a higher likelihood of chronic muscle strain because the muscles throughout the body are compelled to make up for the reduced stability in the feet.

Is Skechers good for knees?

Skechers footwear is recognized for its flexibility and ability to encourage a natural walking motion. Among their offerings, the Skechers GOwalk Joy stands out as a particularly favored choice for individuals dealing with knee issues.

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