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Best slippers for pregnancy. The best moment of life for women is being pregnant or being a mom, but pregnancy may also come with some uncomfortably like foot growth, swollen feet, and much more. The old pair of shoes will not accommodate the swollen foot, so you need the ideal slippers/shoes for indoor/in-house activities.

You may need slippers for the bedroom or the kitchen while cooking some food. So, choosing a comfortable pair of slippers would be hard. Imagine going out to the market to buy a pair of slippers while having swollen feet, and it’s much more confusing which pair suits you more.

We, the team of( made it very easy for you. Our team prepared a list of the best slippers for pregnancy. This list contains well-researched and reviewed information. We interviewed many ladies and fetched a list of the best slippers for women after the best response of most of the users.

Let’s move directly to the reviewed list of the best women’s pregnancy shoes.

10 Best slippers for pregnancy

Image Product Feature Price
Top Pick

Comfortable Spa House Slippers that include Three-Zone Comfort


Orthaheel technology is clinically proven to reduce excess pronation, a contributing factor to flat feet. & plantar fasciitis
EcoFresh odor-reducing footbed and linings.
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RockDove Women’s Original Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper


Durable rubber sole lets you step outside the house to fetch the mail or walk the dog; non-slip waterproof bottom grips the floor to keep you safe on wet tiles. Also available in matching men’s two-tone slippers for family and couples Check On Amazon

Women’s Terry and Satin Slip on Cushioned Slipper with Memory Foam for Indoor/Outdoor


Microterry house slipper deliver timeless style and warmth, while the microterry lining keeps feet comfy and dry
Multilayer PillowStep cushion insole hugs and supports your foot with all around memory foam footbed for comfort
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Silverts adaptive comfy shoes for pregnancy


These sneaker slippers offer a naturally wide fit that delivers extreme comfort and support for swollen feet and ankles. The intelligent design is why the Neoprene Extra Wide Ultra Comfort Flex Shoes are often referred to as diabetic slippers for women, shoes for edema, or medical shoes for women. The lightweight materials add to the comfort. Arch support keeps your feet feeling healthy. Check On Amazon

Acorn Women’s Slippers With Rubber Sole


Our women’s moccasins wrap your feet in complete cozinessas you relax after a long day on your feet; these slippers are lined with micro fleece to wick away moisture, keeping feet warm and dry Check On Amazon

Acorn Women’s Spa Thong with Premium Memory Foam


Memory foam + arch support- Soft multilayer cushion insole with quick-recovery memory foam foot bed for heel and arch support that cradles the contour of your foot. Durable rubber with anti-skid texture on the bottom gives you safe and secure footing Check On Amazon

Crocs Unisex-Adult Baya Lined Clog | Fuzzy Slippers


These women’s and men’s Crocs offer a snug fit that will cradle your foot. The Crocs clogs can be customized with Jibbitz charms to reflect your own personal flair. Check On Amazon

Sorel Women’s Nakiska Scuff Slipper -Indoor & Outdoor


Home Slippers: Suede house slippers for women are lined with faux fur for toasty warmth.
Slide Slippers for Women: Comfortable slippers with removable molded EVA footbed and a faux fur top will be your go-to slippers for coziness
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Clarks Womens Slipper Suede Leather Knitted Collar Clog Slippers


Great Indoor / Outdoor house slipper, suitable for lounging around the house, walking the dog, getting the mail, and much more.
Ultra Soft faux Fur Lining keeps your feet warm and comfy.
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Orthofeet Proven Plantar Fasciitis & Foot Pain Relief


Orthofeet orthotic slippers offer the ULTIMATE FOOTWEAR SOLUTION. Premium ORTHOTIC INSOLES with multiple CUSHIONING layers provide soft, PILLOW-LIKE SUPPORT that works wonders to enhance COMFORT and help EASE PAIN on the FOOT and HEEL, all the way up your KNEES, HIPS and LOWER BACK. Check On Amazon

1. Vionic best women’s slippers

Vionic best women’s slippers

Vionic Women’s gamma feet comfortable slipper having Orthaheel technology that offers offers a convenient and pain-free natural healing solution for common aches and pains associated with poor lower limb alignment. These shoes are clinically designed for comfort in pregnancy.

Gemma slipper got a very soft and flexible upper that protects your feet from irritation and enable you to enjoy your indoor and outdoor activities. Plus, the slippers have VIO Motion Support that supports you to walk freely and delivers divine comfort.

Furthermore, these shoes are featured EcoFresh technology which provide an anti-bacterial and odor-reducing footbed and linings. This ensures a fresh and hygienic environment for your feet, preventing the development of unpleasant odors commonly associated with footwear.

The fabric-covered TPR outsoles equipped with a wave-patterned tread offer stability and traction. Designed for indoor use, these outsoles provide a secure grip, minimizing the risk of slips and enhancing overall stability as you move about.

A standout feature is the built-in orthotic footbed, providing essential arch support. This is particularly beneficial for individuals dealing with plantar fasciitis, offering comfort and relief. The footbed’s design promotes proper alignment, contributing to improved foot health.

  • Stylish textile mule-style upper
  • AMPA seal of acceptance
  • Divine comfort and heel pain relief
  • Has VIO Motion support
  • Keeps balance and secured on the slippery surface
  • Hard heel area

Why should you buy the Vionic Women’s Gemma slippers?

The Vionic Women’s Gemma slippers are soft, flexible and provide arch support. These slippers are designed for indoor wear with anti-slip traction. Plus, these are good choice for planar fasciitis.

2. RockDove women’s slipper boots

RockDove women’s slipper boots

The RockDove women’s slipper boots boast a user-friendly slip-on design, ensuring effortless transitions between indoor and outdoor activities. The convenience of easily slipping them on and off makes them perfect for quick and hassle-free wear.

These slippers not only elevating style but breathability, the upper of these slippers features a trendy two-tone waffle knit. This not only adds a unique aesthetic appeal but also enhances ventilation, ensuring your feet stay comfortably cool.

You can indulge in the luxurious feel of memory foam cushioning with each step you take. The plush comfort provided by the memory foam ensures a personalized and supportive experience, making these slippers a delight for your feet.

Moreover, the robust rubber sole is not only durable but also equipped with anti-skid properties. This ensures that you have a secure and slip-resistant footing on various surfaces. This feature provides safety and stability wherever your indoor or outdoor activities take you.

One of the standout feature is that it offers practicality and easy maintenance, these slippers are crafted from machine-washable materials. This feature allows you to effortlessly keep your slippers fresh and clean, promoting long-lasting wear and hygiene. Enjoy the convenience of hassle-free cleaning for continuous comfort.

  • Cotton and spandex made upper
  • Breathable and shock absorption
  • Memory foam insole footbed
  • Anti-slip outsole
  • Can be washed in the machine
  • Exceptional grip
  • Cozy fitting
  • Waterproof bottom
  • Sizing chart not matches with actual size

Why should you buy the RockDove women’s slipper boots

The RockDove women’s slipper boots are user friendly anti slip option. They are machine washable and durable material. These have memory foam cushioning and exceptional grip.

3. Isotoner women’s Slip On Slipper

Isotoner women’s Slip On Slipper

The Isotoner women’s Slip On Slipper are soft microterry and satin trimmed clog slipper. You can experience the ultimate in comfort with these clog-style slippers crafted from soft microterry. The slip-on, low back design offers both convenience and style for seamless indoor and outdoor transitions.

The use of microterry fabric not only provides a classic look but also ensures warmth and coziness. Additionally, the microterry lining is moisture-wicking, keeping your feet comfortable and dry.

These slippers boast a specially designed multilayer PillowStep cushioned insole that contours to your foot, providing exceptional support. The inclusion of memory foam within the footbed enhances overall comfort.

Their rubber outsoles are durable and versatile, allowing you to wear them comfortably both inside the house and outdoors. Plus, the design includes skid-resistant traction, ensuring a secure footing.

These slippers are designed to offer comfort and pampering for your feet throughout the year. They’re versatile enough to be worn anywhere from running errands to lounging at home and cater to women of varying ages and lifestyles.

To maintain these slippers, simply machine wash them in cool water and let them air dry flat, avoiding exposure to direct heat. This care routine helps in retaining their quality and softness.

  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Spongy insole
  • Rigged outsole with grip
  • Easy to wash
  • The insole has multi-layered pillows
  • Not much paded

Why should you buy the Isotoner women’s Slip On Slipper?

The Isotoner women’s Slip On Slipper are classic choice and traditional one with anti slip qualities. These are versatile choice and can be used in everywhere at home.

4. Silverts adaptive comfy shoes for pregnancy

Silverts adaptive comfy shoes for pregnancy

The Silverts adaptive comfy shoes are comfortable and have Easy Touch Closures that open wide, allowing for effortless wear and removal. These men’s sneaker slippers are specifically crafted for comfort and ease, featuring a design that opens exceptionally wide and deep, providing true adjustable comfort for independent dressing.

These shoes are equipped with the Fluid Barrier Advantage, these anti-slip shoes offer protection against spills and odors. These are highly recommended for aging individuals dealing with incontinence or situations where fluids are present, these sneakers provide both practicality and peace of mind.

Moreover, these shoes are designed for exceptional comfort and support, these sneaker slippers boast a naturally wide fit that accommodates swollen feet and ankles. These are usually referred to as diabetic slippers for men, shoes for edema, or medical shoes, the Neoprene Extra Wide Ultra Comfort Flex Shoes incorporate intelligent design. Plus, these are lightweight materials for added comfort. The built-in arch support ensures the well-being of your feet.

Leading in adaptive footwear, Silverts collaborated with diabetic neurotherapy experts to create safety shoes for men. These sneakers include a removable insole, allowing for the use of custom orthotics and ensuring personalized comfort.

Lastly, these are best choice because these are crafted with slip-resistant soles, these handicapped shoes are the perfect solution to prevent slips and falls, making them an ideal gift for grandfathers or aging individuals. Whether worn indoors or outdoors, these comfort shoes provide a secure grip on virtually any surface.

  • Stylish upper
  • Cozy and cushioned insole
  • Velcro closure
  • Strong grip outsole
  • Memory foam made Footbeds
  • Suitable for swollen feet
  • Available in different colors
  • Machine washable and dry under air
  • Don’t fit right

Why should you buy the Silverts adaptive comfy shoes?

The Silverts adaptive comfy shoes provides supreme comfort, and versatility, these big slippers sneakers serve various purposes. These shoes are mostly used for diabetic patients with a wide swollen feet.

5. Acorn Women’s Slippers With Rubber Sole

Acorn Women’s Slippers With Rubber SoleThe Acorn Women’s Slippers With Rubber Sole are Classic Silhouette with seasonal designs. These shoes are crafted with patterns tailored for each season, these slippers boast a reputation for a superb fit. The uppers are thoughtfully designed with a variety of materials including fleece, tweed, faux fur, sweater knit, heritage ragg wool, and unique knitted patterns.

You can enjoy unparalleled comfort with Acorn’s Cloud Cushion innovation. This multi-layer solution includes a soft touch foam layer, an exclusive quick recovery memory foam high-density layer, and a layer of EVA cushioning with a heel wedge for balance and added stability. This technology ensures a cushioned and supportive feel with every step.

Moreover, the fleece lining provides year-round comfort by effectively wicking away moisture. Stain-resistant suede sidewalls not only protect the uppers but also contribute to the slippers’ longevity and structural integrity. This combination of features ensures lasting quality and comfort.

From casual work-from-home days to walks with the dog or running errands, these slippers offer unparalleled convenience. The skid-resistant rubber outsoles, designed with a texture grip pattern, provide reliable traction for both indoor and outdoor activities.

  • Most suitable for the cold season
  • Hook-and-loop for adjustable fitting
  • A multilayer footbed
  • Very soft feel
  • The rubber outsole gives stability
  • Soles are hard

Why should you buy the Acorn Women’s Slippers With Rubber Sole?

The Acorn Women’s Slippers With Rubber Sole are anti-slip and comes with a layer of cushioning. These are versatile shoes with classic look. These have hook and loop adjustable fitting.

6. Best memory foam flip-flop slippers

Best memory foam flip flop slippers

The Best memory foam flip-flop slippers provides unmatched comfort. These shoes elevate your flip-flop experience with the premium multilayer Cloud Contour cushion footbed. This innovative design includes an extra molded midsole featuring heel and arch contours, delivering unexpected and delightful comfort in every step. Embrace the luxury of cloud-like support for your feet.

These shoes provides sole for both Indoor and Outdoor Wear. You can experience the freedom to wear your flip flops anywhere with the skid-resistant, weatherproof rugged sole. This sole provides versatile functionality, making these flip flops suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities. Enjoy comfort and style without compromising on durability.

The open-toe style offers breathable support, surrounding your feet and toes in cloud-like comfort. This design not only reduces muscle fatigue but also relieves pain and pressure for an indulgent experience.

Moreover, the maintenance of your Spa Thongs is simple with their machine-washable design. Keep them feeling and looking fresh by easily tossing them into the washing machine and dryer. This effortless care routine ensures that your flip flops maintain their plush comfort and appearance over time.

  • Pull-on style
  • Lightweight and comfortable shoes
  • Decent memory foam footbed
  • Adepts your feet structure
  • Strong grip and traction
  • Shed with time

Why should you buy the Best memory foam flip-flop slippers?

The Best memory foam flip-flop slippers have open up style and easy to maintain as washable design. These have premium multi-layer cushioning best for pregnant woman for home use.

7. Crocs classic line clogs women’s slippers

Crocs classic line clogs women slippers

The Crocs classic line clogs women’s slippers are the perfect blend of function and warmth with these soft and lined Crocs designed for both men and women. These are ideal slippers for running errands, ensuring you feel cozy and comfortable no matter the occasion.

You can enjoy the warmth of these cozy clogs with a toasty lined fuzz, providing the essential comfort that both Crocs women and men seek throughout the seasons. The traditional heel straps ensure a secure and snug fit, offering convenience for those on-the-go moments.

Moreover, these are designed for women’s and men’s Crocs to your liking, as they snugly cradle your foot. Enhance your personal flair by customizing them with Jibbitz charms, making these clogs uniquely yours.

The fuzz-lined Baya Crocs are not just for indoor wear; they’re a delightful addition to your outdoor ventures as well. Whether you’re relaxing at home or stepping out, these Crocs are a versatile choice that combines style and comfort effortlessly.

  • Gives a warmth feel in cold winter
  • Synthetic made upper
  • Flexible and bouncy footbed
  • Elastic strap for secure fitting
  • Don’t follow chart sizing

Why should you buy the Crocs classic line clogs women’s slippers?

The Crocs classic line clogs women’s slippers are good for both men and women. You can use these anywhere both indoor and outdoor. These are stylish with heel strap.

8. Sorel women Nakiska Scuff slipper for swollen feet

Sorel women Nakiska Scuff slipper for swollen feet

The Sorel women Nakiska Scuff slipper for swollen feet is a seasonal favorite that combines traction, insulation, waterproofing, and comfort to tackle winter weather with style and functionality. These shoes are lightweight, waterproof suede with PU leather, faux-fur cuffs, and a microfleece lining.

You can experience ultimate warmth in these SOREL boots equipped with 100g insulation, ensuring your feet stay cozy during winter adventures. This good-looking pair offers reliable protection against the chill, making them a go-to choice for snowy escapades.

These slippers provides comfort with molded EVA footbeds, iconic SOREL scallops featuring rubber heel logos, and microfleece top covers. Whether walking to work or playing in the snow, these features contribute to a comfortable and supportive experience, keeping you warm and stylish.

Furthermore, these slippers have modern construction, experience modern-looking, all-day comfort with the bootie construction, 1″ heel, and 1″ inch platform. The outsole-grade EVA with high-traction rubber down the center enhances grip, providing improved traction for various winter activities. These boots seamlessly blend function and style for your winter wardrobe.

  • Molded Eva footbed
  • Easily accommodates swollen/Wider feet
  • Anti-slipping Sued outsole
  • Pain relief and eliminates pressure
  • A soft feel like touching the ground
  • Toe area is small

Why should you buy the Sorel women Nakiska Scuff slipper for swollen feet?

The Sorel women Nakiska Scuff slipper for swollen feet have EVA bedfoot insoles and good for winters because of 100% insulation. These are anti-slip so good for pregnant women.

9. Clarks women’s knit scuff slippers mule

Clarks women’s knit scuff slippers mule

The Clarks women’s knit scuff slippers mule  is open-heel slipper with knit cuff and button. The open-heel design adds a touch of breathability, while the charming knit cuff with a button detail enhances both aesthetics and functionality.

These slippers have flexible sole for comfortable wear. The design prioritizes comfort, allowing your feet to move naturally as you walk. Plus, the flexible sole adds an element of ease to your every step, making these slippers a practical and comfortable choice for daily wear.

These slippers are made up of 100% Leather that ensure its durability. Plus, these slippers are soft and warm. They are made well and look like they will hold up. These non-slip rubber soles slippers pamper your feet with the comfort that you expect from a good slipper during pregnancy.

Moreover, the sole of the slipper is made up of synthetic and suede material. The outer sole is made up of suede which is durable and provide unbeatable traction and grip to provide a stable and balanced walk. So, slippers can be use both indoor and outdoor activities.

  • Open heel closure with button
  • Suitable for indoor/outdoor
  • Anti-skid outsole
  • Flexible and spongy insole
  • Gives unmatched comfort
  • Tight initially

Why should you buy the Clarks women’s knit scuff slippers mule?

The Clarks women’s knit scuff slippers mule are open-heel slippers good for indoor wear. These slippers have soft insole that provides unmatchable comfort for pregnancy.

10. Orthofeet Best slippers for foot pain

Orthofeet Best slippers for foot pain

The Orthofeet Best slippers for foot pain are the perfect blend of style and support. These slippers boast a soft faux fur interior combined with orthopedic technology, providing unparalleled arch support, alleviating foot pain, and ensuring overall comfort.

You can enjoy a customized fit with the functional lace feature of these moccasin slippers. The soft suede leather upper not only adds a touch of luxury but also offers a non-binding fit, allowing your feet to move freely and comfortably.

Moreover, the Orthofeet Shoes have unmatched cushioning and versatile benefits. These shoes benefit over 20 conditions, including foot and heel pain, plantar fasciitis, diabetes, arthritis, bunions, achilles tendonitis, hammer toes, and more. You can experience relief and support in every step.

These slippers have premium Orthotic Insole for Innovative comfort and pain relief. This innovative feature provides advanced arch support and pain relief, ensuring that each step you take is a step towards enhanced comfort and well-being.

  • Extreme comfort
  • Gives pain relief
  • Extended widths
  • Suitable for sensitive feet
  • Great arch support
  • Very comfy for plantar fasciitis
  • Heels support
  • Cord eyelets have fallen out

Why should you buy the Orthofeet Best slippers for foot pain?

The Orthofeet Best slippers for foot pain and for style. These looks traditional style but benefit your feet and prevent foot and heel pain, plantar fasciitis, diabetes, arthritis, bunions, achilles tendonitis, hammer toes.


1. Which type of slippers is good for pregnant ladies?

Slippers with memory foam cushioning and adjustable features, such as adjustable straps or stretchable materials, are excellent choices for pregnant ladies. These features provide comfort, support, and accommodate changes in foot size during pregnancy.

2. What kind of shoes are best for pregnancy?

The best shoes for pregnancy are those with good arch support, cushioning, and a comfortable fit. Slip-on shoes, sneakers with proper support, and shoes with adjustable features are recommended to accommodate swelling and changes in foot size during pregnancy.

3. What do pregnant moms wear?

Pregnant moms often wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothing, such as maternity leggings, dresses, and tops designed to accommodate a growing belly. Maternity bras, supportive underwear, and flat or low-heeled shoes are also common choices for added comfort during pregnancy.

Anatomy of best slippers for pregnancy

A slipper has many parts/factors but below mentioned are the main parts that you should consider while buying a good pair of slippers for you. Let’s explore these factors in detail.

  • Insole: insole of shoes/slippers matters a lot for comfort and your foot’s health. While buying slippers for you during pregnancy, you should look for slippers with the best footbed, and cushioned insole. The insole should be flexible, and bouncy to keep you relaxed.
  • Outsole: most slippers have an outsole made of rubber material. The outsole should be skid-resistant with an exceptional grip and heel support.
  • Upper: upper should be breathable and soft. Some slippers have a closed-toe upper while some with an open toe. The upper part should be lightweight and flexible.

Final verdict

After long pregnancy shoes research and reviews by most consumers, we found that orhtofeet women’s slippers are best for feet problems like swollen feet with plantar fasciitis and arch support. While Vionic women relax slippers are the best overall, as it has all characteristics of the best slippers for pregnancy.

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