Best Slippers for Pregnancy

Best Slippers for Pregnancy. The best moment of life for women is being pregnant or being mom, but pregnancy may also come with some uncomfortably, like feet growth, swollen feet, and much more. The old pair of shoes will not accommodate the swollen foot, so you need the ideal slippers/shoes for indoor/in-house activities.

You may need slippers for the bedroom for the kitchen while cooking some food. So, choosing the right pair of slippers would be hard. Imagine going out to the market to buy a pair of slippers while having swollen feet, and it’s much confusing that which pair suits you more.

We, the team of( made it very easy for you. Our team prepared a list of the best slippers for pregnancy. This list contains well researched and reviewed information. We interviewed many ladies and fetched a list of best slippers for women after the best response of most of the users.

Lets’ move directly to the reviewed list of best women slippers.

15 Best slippers for pregnancy

  1. Vionic Women’s Gemma Slippers
  2. RockDove Women’s Original two-tone slippers
  3. Isotoner women’s slippers
  4. Silverts adaptive Women slippers
  5. Acorn Women’s Slippers
  6. Dena lives comfortable slippers for women
  7. Crocs classic line clogs women slippers
  8. Sorel women Nakiska Scuff slipper
  9. Clarks women’s knit scuff slippers mule
  10.  Orthofeet women’s slipper
  11. Ugg women’s Fluff yeah slippers
  12. Pain relax slippers for women by Sollbeam
  13. V.Step slippers with arch Support, orthotic support slippers
  14. DL Fury indoor slippers for women
  15. B/H comfortable Slippers for pregnant Women


1.Vionic best womens slippers

pregnancy slippers

Vionic is a Famous shoe brand that delivers high-quality footwear for women, men, and children. Vionic Women’s Gemma Slippers Best Slippers for Pregnancy has a superfast grip, cozy insole, and upper with snug-fitting makes them the best shoes for pregnancy. These beauty slippers can be washed in a machine using cold water.

Vionic Women’s slippers have fabric made upper along with hook-and-loop allows your feet to breathe and provides snug fitting. the upper has a closed toe box that easily accommodates your toe and swollen feet. These slippers received the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) seal of acceptance

as the most perfect and comfortable slippers for Women.

If we talk about their outsole, then let me tell you that these slippers have an outsole with an incredible grip that protects you from slip and fall and makes every step stable and balance. The insole is very cozy and has a memory foam footbed that provides comfort to your underfoot area. The footbed is flexible and adjusts with your strides ground, and eliminates any pressure on your feet.

key Features

  • Key features and benefits  Lightweight & breathable
  • Anti-skid outsole
  • Unbeatable grip
  • Cozy insole and flexible upper
  • Machine washable

2.RockDove womens slipper boots

best slippers for pregnancy

Rockdove engineered these beauty slippers with a combination of 95% cotton and 5% spanex material. These easy wear slippers are super comfortable, very breathable, and have an anti-skidding outsole. These cozy slippers are machine-washable only caution is that you should use cold water to clean them.

These slippers have a waffle knit upper that allows your feet to breathe easily. their closed-toe box protects the toe and accommodates your toe easily. the insole has a shock absorption enabled insole that absorbs stress and keeps your feet. The insole has elastic memory footbed that is super comfy and helps your feet relax.

The outsole is rubber made that is anti-skidding and protects you from the slippery surface and provides stability. Outsole shoes unbeatable grip and traction on wet floors, so these are best as indoor pregnancy slippers.

Key features

  • Cotton and spandex made upper
  • Breathable and shock absorption
  • Memory foam footbed
  • Anti-slip outsole
  • Can be washed in the machine
  • Exceptional grip
  • Cozy fitting
  • Waterproof bottom


3.Isotoner women’s slip on slippers

slippers for pregnant ladies

These slip-on-slide design slippers are made with a combination of two materials, Microterry, and polyester. These slippers are perfect for women with swollen feet. It keeps your feet comfortable and cozy. These slippers have a machine-washable facility that allows you to clean them easily. Let’s discuss their features in detail one by one.

Isotoner women’s slipper Best Slippers for Pregnancy has a flexible upper that gives breathability and keeps your feet relax and dry. Besides this, they have hook-and-loop closure that provides a very snug fitting.

These slippers have a multilayer insole that is very responsive and provides your feet with comfort. The insole has a layer of tufted pillows and gives you underfoot a feel like your feet are touching a pillow. They provide incredible comfort and arch support.

The outsole is made of rubber material and provides extraordinary grip over slippery and hard surfaces, and makes your step safe and secure, and balances your body. The rigged outsole protects you from skidding and prevents injuries.

Key features 

  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Spongy insole
  • Rigged outsole with grip
  • The insole has multi-layered pillows


4.Silverts adaptive comfy shoes for pregnancy

comfy shoes for pregnancy

Silvert’s designed these slippers with polyester material, which made them the most suitable slippers for maternity slippers. Their design is similar to shoes, so these slippers are ideal to be used as outdoor shoes as well. These silverts slippers are machine washable and dry them in air.

The upper part is  Polyester blended has the stretching ability and adjusts with your movement. These slippers better suit those with swollen feet. Adjustable manual fitting enabled by using hook-and-loop closure. These slippers can accommodate wider feet easily. the upper part shows breathability and keeps feet dry.

The insole contains a flexible memory foam footbed that provides you with the ultimate comfort and a very relaxed environment for underfoot. The insole has an anti-odor feature and keeps your feet fresh alltime the, even if you use them for a prolonged time.

Key features

  • Stylish upper
  • Cozy and cushioned insole
  • Velcro closure
  • Strong grip outsole
  • Memory foam made Footbeds
  • Suitable for swollen feet
  • Available in different colors
  • Machine washable and dry under air

5.Acorn Women’s Slippers

comfortable safe shoes for pregnancy

Acorn engineered these slippers for the winter/cold season. with a very stylish look, they are more preferred and suitable for cold floors. These are very cozy slippers and have a hook and loop for snugfitting.

They provide your foot an exceptional comfort and support. A flexible footbed helps to reduce the pain. These slippers have a great ability to easily accommodate swollen feet. Acorn engineered their insole with a multilayer footbeds to enhance flexibility.

Acorn designed outsole with durable rubber material that provides an unbeatable grip. The outsole makes your steps very stable and provides a very balanced movement. Besides, the outsole is also waterproof and also suitable for wet surfaces.

Key features

  • Most suitable for the cold season
  • Hook-and-loop for adjustable fitting
  • A multilayer footbed
  • Very soft feel
  • Rubber outsole gives stability

6.Dena lives comfortable slippers for women

maternity slippers

These pull-on slippers are very comfy, lightweight, and are their cushioned insole perfectly adapt to your feet structure. Best Slippers for Pregnancy These are machine washable and can be dry in normal air. Dena live made these slippers have a combination of two-tone acrylic knit upper that delivers breathability and super-soft rabbit fur insole for unmatched comfort.

These slippers have a very decent insole with a memory foam footbed to provide your feet with exceptional relaxation. Footbed pampers your feet with extra care and keeps your feet pressure-free/ relief and adjust according to feet structure.

Rubber made outsole helps you to maintain balance on slippery surfaces. outsole exhibits great grip tiles, Wet floor, and wooden floors. You can put them on as bedroom slippers, indoor/outdoor slippers, and as kitchen slippers.

Key features

  • Pull-on style
  • Lightweight and comfy
  • Decent memory foam footbed
  • Adepts your feet structure
  • Strong grip and traction

7.Crocs classic line clogs women slippers

most comfortable shoes for pregnancy

Crocs designed these slippers upper with a synthetic material that made them incredibly lightweight. Flexible upper helps your swollen feet to easily step-in. The insole contains faux Fur and provides cushioning. The insole is very supportive and bouncy to keep your feet pressure free and relieve pain. Croslite foam gives dual comfort and support for the underfoot area.

Elastic straps provide a very secure fitting, while the outsole is anti-slip and protects you from falling. The outsole helps you in maintaining balance and provides stability. The outsole delivers very great traction; these slippers are the ideal choice for you for outdoor walks.

Key features

  • Gives a warmth feel in cold winter
  • Synthetic made upper
  • Flexible and bouncy footbed
  • Elastic strap for secure fitting

8.Sorel women Nakiska Scuff slipper

best summer shoes for pregnancy

it is a very cozy slipper made by sorel that is an ideal choice for indoor and outdoor activities. These slippers have fabric made faux fur upper. Sorel introduced unmatched comfort in these slippers.  Sorel gave these slippers a very ravishing look, so you can put them on under different outfits.

Sorel provided these cozy slippers a very flexible and stylish upper. The upper part is made of fabric faux fur material that is super lightweight and breathable. The flexibility of the upper enables you to accommodate your swollen/wider feet in a very efficient manner.

The insole has a removable molded EVA footbed that provides all-day comfort and keeps your feet pressure-free. The insole provides underfoot support and helps in pain relief. When you step in these slippers, they provide you a very soft touch. The sued outsole is made of rubber material that ensures a very secure and stable movement.

Key features

  • Molded Eva footbed
  • Easily accommodates swollen feet
  • Anti-slipping Sued outsole
  • Pain relief and eliminates pressure
  • A soft feel like touching the ground


9.Clarks women’s knit scuff slippers mule

comfortable shoes for pregnant moms

Clarks is famous for manufacturing very durable and high-quality shoes for both indoor and outdoor usage. These leathers made open-heel slippers feature a knit cuff with a button. Cozy insole keeps your feet warm in the cold season, so these are ideal for the cold floor.

The upper part is engineered of leather material and gives you a very knit fitting while the open heel helps you in easy step in. Clarks enabled a very comfy insole that gives your feet a very relaxing environment. Cushioned footbed adjusts with your feet movement and ensures unbeatable comfort. You can put them on while going for shopping or some other outdoor activities.

Rubber made outsole has unbeatable traction and grip to provide a stable and balanced walk. These slippers pamper your feet with the comfort that you expect from a good slipper during pregnancy.

Key features

  • Open heel closure with button
  • Suitable for indoor/outdoor
  • Anti-skid outsole
  • Flexible and spongy insole
  • Gives unmatched comfort

10.Orthofeet women’s slipper

pregnancy shoes

Orthofeet made these slippers for those women’s who have sensitive feet these slippers, give relief from plantar fasciitis pain and other feet related issues. Orthofeet delivers a very reliable and durable shoe.

Orthofeet women’s slipper has an extra width feature that allows them to accommodate wider feet/swollen feet easily. as we know that pregnancy may cause swollen feet, so these would be an ideal choice for you.

These slippers have multiple layers of cushioned footbed that provides arch support and a very soft touch to your underfoot. Insole helps to reduce the pain caused by plantar fasciitis, swollen feet aching, and other common feet problems. Orthofeet provides a money-back guarantee in case if they will not meet the standards but actually, they do.

Key features

  • Extreme comfort
  • Gives pain relief
  • Extended widths
  • Suitable for sensitive feet
  • Great arch support
  • Very comfy for plantar fasciitis
  • Heel support

11.Ugg women’s Fluff yeah slippers

good shoes for pregnant swollen feet

UGG manufactures very high quality and durable shoes. UGG designed these shoes with the dual style, you can put them on as slippers as well as sandals. These are very comfy shoes with sheepskin upper and cushioned footbed. These slippers are very supportive for women with swollen feet.

Ugg engineered upper with sheepskin and are very lightweight. Flexible upper accommodates your swollen feet in a very efficient manner. Upper has an elastic strap that has the UGG logo and provides secure fitting. Sheepskin lining provides your feet with breathability.

The insole has a cushioned footbed that gives your feet a very cozy environment and extreme support. During pregnancy your feet need some extra care, UGG made these insoles to relieve pressure and pain.

The outsole provides great traction and grip on slippery surfaces. Breathable upper, comfy insole, and anti-skid rubber made external makes these slippers best suitable for pregnant women.

Key features

  • Can be used as sandal and slipper
  • Arch support for feet
  • Super cushioned footbed
  • Pain relief and cozy
  • Outsole with great traction

12.Pain relax slippers for women by Sollbeam

best shoes for pregnancy swelling

These orthotic heel pain relax slippers by Sollbeam are very cozy and provide amazing arch support. During pregnancy, a woman may have swollen feet, these slippers are the ideal choice for women for pain relief and heel support. It is best suited for orthotic feet problems like plantar fasciitis, heel pain, and much more. You should take these slippers on to enjoy a very soft ground like touch and extreme comfort. These slippers provide a money-back guarantee for 30 days.

A very moderate material is used for making their upper. Upper is made of fur that gives your feet a warm environment and protects from cold. The upper is flexible and adjust to your feet width. While a deep heel cup of these slippers aids in maintaining balance and relieve heel pain. Deep heel cups make Pain relax slippers for women by Sollbeam suitable for using a long time standing activities like a kitchen or walk.

The insole is very cushioned and comfy with a flexible footbed and arch support. The insole provides impressive arch support. while the rubber made external sole shows a very strong grip and traction on wet and slippery tiles, floors, and outdoor surfaces and secured your every step stable and balanced.

Key features

  • Suitable for foot problem
  • Lightweight
  • Provides Heel support
  • Comfort and arch support
  • Anti-slip outsole

13.V.Step slippers with arch Support, orthotic support slippers

best shoes for pregnancy swelling

These ultra-cozy slippers keep your feet warm during winter and protect your feet from cold floors. V.Step slippers provide arch support and are made of a combination of rubber material plus EVA. These slippers deliver a very high-performance resistance to keep you stable on slippery/skidding surfaces. These slippers are ideal for outside walks or indoor activities like kitchen work.

Comfortable waffle upper: These orthotic support slippers have a waffle knit upper and provide very enhanced comfort. Uppers allow your feet to breathe easily and keeps dry. Upper has a little warm effect and keeps your feet warm.

The insole is very comfy and cozy, while the arch support design is the best choice for swollen feet, plantar fasciitis, and many other foot problems. While rubber made outsole is anti-skidding and let your feet to move and walk freely on wet slippery surfaces.

Key features

  • Ideal for swollen and plantar fasciitis
  • Breathable upper
  • Lightweight outsole
  • Sturdy grip and stronger balance
  • EVA footbed for comfort

14.DL Fury indoor slippers for women

pregnancy slippers

DL fury durable slippers provide you greater arch support. These slippers have a very stylish upper and fur around the closure. Best Slippers for Pregnancy These slippers provide you with ankle support and heel to keep you stable. These luxurious women’s slippers provide minor arch support and underfoot calm.

The upper part is made with Soft Korea velvet material that provides breathability, and Faux fur on the edges of closure makes it super comfy. The upper part has flexibly featured and adjusts with the width of your swollen.

The insole has a very high-density memory foam footbed and padding for extraordinary comfort and relaxation. When you step in these super cozy slippers, the footbed adapts to your feet’ structure and makes you very comfortable by reducing any pressure and heel pain. Super spongy insole helps you to put them even for a long time for example when working in the kitchen or going for outdoor activities.

The outsole has an anti-skid feature to prevent you from unwanted conditions, like slippery surfaces and wet tiles. A little heel support makes your legs alignment and supports you for every step. The outsole provides outstanding grip and traction.

Key features

  • Cozy insole
  • Arch support and ankle support
  • Breathability by upper
  • Hard outsole with great grip and traction
  • Stables your movement

15.B/H comfortable Slippers for pregnant Women

comfortable safe shoes for pregnancy

Slide-in slippers, these are very easy to put on and off with a very comfortable footbed along with a very decent rubber made outsole. These are the best slippers for pregnant women and are even suitable for diabetic women. These slippers are suggested by doctors for comfort and pain relief.

These Velcro slippers are ultra-lightweight and provide you a very soft feel. Cozy insole keeps your comfortable and reduces heel pain. The flexible footbed provides arch support and a relaxing feel. Known as best pain relief slippers for swollen feet, diabetic feet slippers.

These Velcro slippers have Velcro for a snug and secure fitting. you can adjust Velcro according to your feet width requirement. Open upper helps you in keeping your feet dry all time.

The outsole is rubber made and has a unique slip-proof pattern to prevent slipping on the various surface like wooden, hard surface, and wet floors. Because of their unique style, these can be used as indoor and outdoor slippers making your movement secure and stable.

Key features

  • Has breathability and lightweight
  • Bouncy footbed and insole
  • Suitable for diabetic
  • Suggested by doctors

Buying Guide Best slippers for pregnancy

Best Slippers for Pregnancy. While looking for a pair of slippers for you, what factors are most important? Or which factors should be given priority while buying a pair of good slippers? It’s very obvious that during pregnancy you may encounter some feet problems, so an ideal slipper should meet the following requirements. Let’s have a look at the following factors, that are very handy in finding a good pair of shoes.


1.What shoes should I wear during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, you need a good pair of footwear. The ideal shoes for pregnancy should have the following features. Breathability is one the most important factor requires attention as it keeps feet fresh. Insole /footbed must be comfortable and cozy for the desired comfort. The outer sole should pose a stronger grip and traction. A pair of shoes with all these features would be the best choice. The shoe should pose a good width and flexibility as, during pregnancy, your feet start growing.

2.What are the best shoes to wear during pregnancy?

There is a variety of footwear available in the market. But for pregnancy, you need a good pair of shoes. Sometimes finding the best shoes for pregnancy is not so easy. For home use slippers is the best choice, while going for outdoor walks and working as you need supportive and comfortable shoes. The best shoes for pregnancy have premium quality material, a skid-free external sole, and a flexible upper. The upper of the shoes should be flexible so that they can easily take swollen feet.

3.What are the main factors of the best slippers I should look for?

Breathability and lightweight: An ideal shoe should have both these features; it should be breathable and lightweight to give ultimate comfort.

Structure/open or closed upper:  for the winter season slippers must be closed upper to protect you from cold and keep your feet warm. While on the other hand for the summer season you should prefer open slippers with breathability and air-ventilation.

Grip and traction:  an ideal slipper should have both strong grip and traction to protect you from slip and fall.

Ultimate comfort and arch support: insole should give unmatched comfort with bouncy and cushioned footbeds.

Heel structure: heel structure also matters, while during pregnancy, you should not buy a shoe with high heels. Heels should be moderate to give ankle and lower leg balance.

Widths: an ideal slipper accommodates your swollen feet, to provide you a very comfortable environment. It should not be too tight.

Anatomy of best slippers for pregnancy

A slipper has many parts/factors but below mentioned are the main parts that you should consider while buying a good pair of slippers for you. Let’s explore these factors in detail.

  • Insole: insole of shoe/slippers matters a lot for comfort and your feet health. While buying slippers for you during pregnancy, you should look for slippers with the best footbed, and cushioned insole. The insole should be flexible, bouncy to keep you relaxed.
  • Outsole: most slippers have an outsole made of rubber material. The outsole should be skid resistant with an exception grip and heel support.
  • Upper: upper should be breathable and soft. Some slippers they have closed-toe upper while some with an open toe. The upper part should be lightweight and flexible.

Final verdict

after long research and reviews by most consumers, we found that orhtofeet women slippers are best for feet problems like swollen feet with plantar fasciitis and arch support. While Vionic women relax slippers are best overall, as it has all characteristics of best slippers for pregnancy.

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