How to wash slippers in 2023

Learn how to properly wash your slippers and keep them in good condition. From machine washing to hand washing, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide on the best methods for cleaning different types of slippers. We’ll also provide tips on how to remove stains and odors, and how to dry your slippers properly. With our easy-to-follow instructions, you can keep your slippers looking and smelling fresh all year round. Don’t let dirty slippers bring you down – read our blog on how to wash your slippers and keep them clean and comfortable.

How to wash slippers. Excessive wear makes slippers dirty,  and some slippers produce smells, washing slippers give them brand-new look and removes dust and bad smell. There are different types of slippers and materials they are made of, so absolutely they have different ways of washing. You need to check the type of material your slippers are made up of wool or leather, rubber, etc.

Some slippers are machine washable, but some materials demand extra care for cleaning and washing.

How to wash slippers 2021 washing guide

Things that you may need:

  • Brush or comb
  • Baking soda for removing odor
  • Good quality detergent /soap
  • Clean cloth, paper towel
  • Cornstarch
  • Container or large sink/washing machine
  • Leather conditioner for cleaning leather slippers

1.Cleaning sheepskin and Faux fur slippers

Faux Fur slippers: you can clean faux fur slippers with the hand-wash method, use any kind of detergent and warm water. Rub carefully to remove dirt ad dust. After washing squeeze them to remove excess water and put them for drying.

Sheepskin slippers:  sheepskin slippers are not suitable to wash with the machine, use a damp cloth with shampoo and rub to remove dirtiness. Dry your slippers and get slippers ready for another use.

Washing slippers by using a washing machine:

  • Check if your slippers are machine washable
  • Place your slippers inside the washing machine
  • Add the best detergent available
  • To remove odor, add some baking soda
  • Turn on one cycle and after one wash-cycle take out slippers
  • Put slippers under the sun for some time it will kill bacteria
  • Dry slipper on cloth stand and wait until they get dried

2.Washing by hand /non-machine washable slippers

Slippers that are not suitable for machine washing there is another way of washing those kinds of slippers.

  • Put slippers inside a large sink full of water
  • Add dish soap or another detergent
  • Dip your slippers inside water and wait for some time, 30 minutes
  • Take out slippers if they have some deep stains and rub with a simple brush
  • If slippers are smelly, add baking soda to vanish odor
  • Put under air or sun for drying genteelly

3.How to wash memory foam slippers?

On washing memory foam slippers, they look like brand new slippers. You can wash memory foam slippers in the washing machine as well as by hand method. For washing memory, foam slippers in the washing machine are put in the machine with some washing detergent or soap and add cold water and wait for the cycle to complete. After one cycle removes your memory foam slippers and put them in the air to dry.

You can also wash memory foam slippers by hand method,

  • Take a container and add some water to it
  • Add washing powder or soap and mix it
  • Add some amount of baking sodas to get rid of the odor
  • Put your shoes in and rub them carefully
  • Once cleaning finished taking memory foam slippers out
  • Dry at normal temperature

Note: don’t put on your slippers until they get dried completely.

4.How to wash slippers with rubber soles?

If you want to wash your rubber sole slippers it requires some extra steps to follow. Slippers with rubber soles can be clean/wash easily with normal water. Follow the following steps to wash your rubber sole slippers.

  • Take a container and fill it with normal water.
  • Don’t use hot water, it will shrink or damage solely
  • Add good quality detergent or shampoo
  • Use a sued cleaner or brush and clean slippers
  • To remove the smell, add baking soda
  • Dry your slippers in the air

You will get a brand new look after washing your rubber sole slippers.

5.How to clean inside of slippers?

The slippers which are not advisable to wash you can clean their inner by using the following method.

  • Take a damp cloth or towel and clean inside of slippers
  • If the inner is dirty use some detergent with cloth
  • Use a brush to clean the inner of the slipper
  • Use a damp cloth and remove detergent
  • Use a paper towel to absorb moisture to clean suede slippers?

Spot and stains on sued slippers can be removed cleaned using a little amount of vinegar, but be careful extra vinegar may damage the skin of slippers. Use a clean cloth with some vinegar and rub the area where the spot exists, extra rubbing will result in damaged skin. After soaking vinegar clean with a cloth.

7.Can you put fluffy slippers in the washing machine?

You can’t put fluffy slippers in the washing machine, the reason is that putting fluffy slippers in the machine ruins their shape and softness. Besides that, there are chances that it may damage the sole, and the sole will come out. So, it’s a bad idea to toss fluffy slippers into the washing machine. to clean smelly slippers?

There are many products available in the market that are used to eliminate the smell factor. These are smells removing powders or sprays. You can use foot powder to remove odor from slippers.

How to Prevent Your Slippers from Becoming Smelly Again?

There are some ways you can prevent your slippers from becoming smelly again. Follow the following steps in the routine.

  • Wash your feet and dry them well before putting on your slippers
  • Don’t put wet feet inside slippers
  • Use baking soda or smell removing sprays
  • If possible, put your slippers under UV light of the sun
  • You can also use herbs and coffee filter as well

Final words

Slippers are good to wash once they get dirty, but some slippers on washing get their skin damage or shrink. To wash/clean your slippers, you should know their type to avoid any unwanted results. The procedures are suitable for almost all kinds of slippers, know your slippers type and try the above-mentioned methods.

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