how to wash skechers

How to wash Skechers. Sketcher shoes have aesthetic beauty, but during outdoor activities sketcher’s shoes get some stains and spots.

Washing sketchers is a little bit challenging, you must know either your shoe type is recommended for machine washing or not. You can find at sketchers’ site either your sketcher’s footwear is supported for washing with a machine or not.

For cleaning sketchers, you need a brush, a tub, and a detergent or soapy solution. Check the dirty areas of your shoes and try to clean them with a brush. If the stains are deeper dip brush in detergent solution and scrub the stain area and soles. In this way, you can clean your sketcher’s shoes.

Here is the guide for washing different sketcher shoes and FAQs related to washing sketcher shoes.

how to wash skechers

1.Can you wash sketchers memory foam shoes in the washing machine?

The answer is no, it’s not recommended by sketchers website to wash memory foam slippers in the washing machine. Although it’s a faster way of cleaning sketchers it will affect the durability and quality of your shoes.

If you have enough time and want to keep your sketcher’s durability and quality, you should go for the manual method of cleaning.

2.Can you wash sketchers light-up shoes?

Sketchers’ light-up shoes or sketchers’ performance shoes can be cleaned to remove unwanted stains, dust, and spots. It’s not a great idea to wash light-up shoes in the washing machine because it increases their chances of break down.

You can clean sketchers’ light-up shoes as follow.

  • Take a brush, rag, or towel
  • Remove any dust and stains with a rag or brush
  • Dip towel or brush into the solution
  • Scrub the insole and upper of sketchers
  • Take a clean cloth or paper towel to remove any moisture
  • leave your sketchers light up shoes for air dry for min 12 hours

3.Best way to clean stinky sketchers

The activities like running, hiking, playing, and walking cause sweating and it produces an overwhelming smell. After excessive wear when you put them off after some time the closet gets stink. Washing stinky sketcher in the washer is not recommended. You can clean wash them manually. Follow the steps below.

  • Take sink full of cold water
  • Take non-bleach detergent and make a solution
  • Take a rag or brush and scrub your sketchers with it
  • The final step is to let your sketchers air dry for 10 hours
  • Don’t bring any contact with heat or dryer

4.How to remove the smell from shoes instantly

There are several ways to remove the smell from shoes. Baking soda is the perfect choice to remove odor from shoes. You can also use feet powder and sprays. There is a variety of odor removal sprays out there in the market. You can also apply herbs and lime, lemon into shoes. The best practice is to wash and dry your feet before putting on shoes every time.

The black tea bags are very active in killing bacteria from shoes. You can use tea bags to kill bacteria causing smell and odor. Put tea bags in hot water, after-boiling remove tea bags wait until they get cold. Place tea bags inside your shoes for an hour. This idea of tea bags will surely help you to get rid of bacteria.

5.Methods to get rid of odor from shoes

Several methods are applicable to remove unpleasant odor from your footwear. There are several reasons too that can cause odor in footwear. You need to confirm first if your insoles are damaged better option is to bring new pair of the footbed.

Herbs and lemon: by applying herbs and lemon or lime, you can get rid of unwanted odor from your shoes.

Baking soda: baking soda is also a good candidate; it removes odor from your slippers and shoes.

Freezing: put your shoes in a plastic bag and freeze them for more than 10 hours.

Air dry: always let your shoes air dry at regular intervals. This method will remove bacteria with the help of UV light.

Odor removing agents:  use sprays and other items that are made for odor removal.

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