Best Walking Shoes for Babies

Best Walking Shoes for Babies. For every parent, the moment while their baby starts toddling their world is flipped upside down. The walking shoe for babies must be lightweight, more flexible, and supportive to make it easy for the baby to grip and balance.

As per suggestions of professionals (American association of pediatrics) allow your child to practice walking barefoot once the bones get to adjust balance then next step is to get a pair of Best baby walking shoes.

The best first baby shoes are not the ones that are expensive but they should be comfortable, stable, flexible with non-skid able soles. Consider the size factor while buying a shoe for your little toddler.

Tight shoes are not good for feet growth as well as loos shoes also not good because they generate more chances to slip and fall. Shoes should be breathable to keep your baby’s feet healthy.

Here are our top picks that are approved by pediatrics and baby health care keeping in mind your toddler foot care. These are good for natural movement and growth of feet.

Best Walking Shoes for babies

  1. Stride Rite stride rite walking shoes for babies
  2. Saucony kid walking shoes
  3. Leah by Momo early walker shoes
  4. OAISNIT childrens walking shoes
  5. Keen unisex kid Newport h2 sandal
  6. Stevie II soft soled baby shoes
  7. Keds champion best baby shoes for early walkers
  8. Tsukihoshi baby03 Maru sneaker
  9. Pediped kids flex justice sneakers
  10. Adidas kids grand court sneaker toddler
  11. Boys Low top Sneakers by Robeez

1.Stride Rite stride rite walking shoes for babies

Best Walking Shoes for Babies

Stride Rite is a very trending brand of shoes when it comes to flexibility and quality. Stride rite is serving the people since 1919.

Since their 85 years, they have been helping children to run, jump, and playfully express themselves. Stride provides a variety of Baby shoes like Sneakers, boots, boat shoes, athletics shoes, etc.

Stride Rite is approved by (APMA). The anti-collision toe cap keeps toe comfort. Stride rite has many supportive features like anti-skidding and durable sole.

Its flexible rounded shape soles provide resistance to slip and gives room to toe to grow .it is Designed to maintain balance which gives your toddler confidence to move.

Has a high collar to support the ankle. Hook and loop along with laces help in putting on/off.

Key features and benefits:

  • Anti-collision toe cap give comfort
  • Have anti-skidding sole
  • Rounded shape sole helps to balance
  • Easy to clean, use a warm cloth with detergent
  • Easy on/off Have classy hook and loop closure

2. Saucony kid walking shoes

childrens walking shoes

Saucony is very popular for making the best walking and running shoes. Most of the items are manmade.

Saucony is engineered by the following biomechanics and introduced the concept of the grid, sole-based stability, and cushioning system. Saucony has produced childrens Best baby walking shoes.

These are the best shoes for babies for wider feats. Highly appreciated by parents with almost 4000 reviews.

Rounded toe box helps to keep toe free and prevents toe pressing. It came with a double-wide hook and loop Velcro for easy on/off closure.

Came in different sizes and colors.100% Man-made. Its sued and nylon upper gives classy looks

Key features and benefits

  • Good wider feats.
  • Rounded toe box
  • Double wide hook and loop Velcro makes it easy on/off.
  • Man-made shoes
  • Nylon upper gives them a stylish and classy look.

3. Leah by Momo early walker shoes

stride rite walking shoes for babies

Leah by Momo is the most cuter and colorful girls sneaker. Made of leather with inner as well as the outer sole is constructed of rubber.

Its fan-shaped toe box is similar to the foot toe which allows the toe to move freely. Its rubber sole along with the tread pattern decreases the chances of slip.

Momo is approved and awarded by (American Podiatric Medical Association) as the best baby walking shoes for baby feet.

This shoe got rave reviews by parents as the best shoe for narrow feat babies who step into learning to walk.

Key features and benefits

  • Inner natural Lather sole absorbs moisture.
  • Rubber sole protects from slip and fall
  • Fan-shaped toe box makes toe free
  • Ultra-flexible Inner rubber sole makes feet feel like touching the ground
  • Hook and loop help easily on/off

4. OAISNIT Childrens walking shoes

stride rite infant walking shoes

Oaisnit is a popular shoe brand that is famous for its variety of multifunctional comes in different colors. Oaisnit manufactures comfortable and breathable shoes for your little one’s feet.

By, considering the following features/benefits you will come to know that these are the best choice as the first pair for your child.

They have an outer rubber sole that provides resistance to skid/slip. They have flexible and adjustable closure which makes them easy to wear.

The material used is high-quality cotton which provides air circulation. These are the best shoes for chubby/wider feats.

The toe box is constructed in such a way that allows the toe to feel free and grow. It is made of cotton material which makes them soft.

Key features and benefits

  • High-quality cotton material makes them soft
  • Air circulation/breathable
  • Flexible closure for easy on/off
  • Outer rubber sole anti-skid
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Lightweight

5. Keen unisex kid Newport h2 sandal

best baby shoes

Keen unisex kid’s Newport Sandal is the most demanded shoe during summer as they are breathable. EVA footbed with arc support keeps your toddler comfortable all day.

They are PFC-free and are water repellent. The inner sole absorbs moisture and is Eco anti-odor which gives feet freshness.

Outer rubber sole with traction prevents skidding and slipping. They are machine washable.

Key features and benefits

  • Breathable
  • Are PFC free and water repellent shoes
  • Eco Anti-odor freshness
  • Are machine washable
  • Outer rubber sole protects from skidding and slipping.

6. Stevie II soft soled baby shoes

stride rite shoes for toe walkers

Se kai runs lightweight shoes came with classy SKR fit and flexibility give room to feet to move and grow.

The outer rubber sole herringbone lug pattern avoids slip and fall. With Hook and loop, you can easily adjust and put on/off.

Has low top from Arc that supports little feet. Faux adjustable laces give a secure fit.

These shoes are available in different colors and materials like leather denim and chambray.

Can be used on any occasion like gatherings. Awarded with the seal of acceptance from the American podiatric medical association.

Key features and benefits

  • Classic SKR fit provides feet room to grow and move
  • Breathable, flexible
  • Outer rubber sole with herringbone lug patter
  • Hook and Loop for easy on/Off
  • Faux laces: secure fit and can adjust as per desire.

7. Keds champion best baby shoes for early walkers

stride rite baby girl walking shoes

About the brand: keds brand was introduced in 1916 by a U.S. rubber company .at that time ked was a reputed American athletic shoe brand.

It was the first national athletic and lifestyle footwear brand. during those days ked was a very popular shoe brand used by Olympic soccer players and scores of national and international players.

Keds champion lace toe cap is very flexible and durable and helps the tinny feet to move freely and grow.

Their upper portion is made of leather and traditional cuts give them an adorable look.

The outer rubber sole makes them anti-slip which gives protection from falling. The inner sole is made of a memory footbed which keeps your little one’s feet comfortable and allows him to move freely all day.

Ked is very light in weight around 3.8oz. ked is machine washable you can wash their detergent. Toe box helps tinny toe to feel free.

Key features and benefits

  • Flexible and durable
  • Machine washable
  • Upper leather skin looks classy
  • Lightweight
  • comfortable memory foam foot-bed
  • Anti-slip Outer rubber sole

8.Tsukihoshi baby03 Maru sneaker

stride rite baby boy walking shoes

Tsukihoshi is a popular Japan’s baby shoe brand. Tsuki Hoshi is manufacturing and distributing shoes all over japan since 1873.

Later on in 1985 collaborated with an orthopedic specialist to design such shoes considering feet health factors, protection from skidding, slip fall, and comfort of child’s feet.

Tsukihoshi baby sneakers are machine washable, provide arch support. Their inner sole is made up of antibacterial material that protects shoes from skin allergies like fungus.

These are ultra-lightweight. these are 100% latex-free are anti-odor and have padded tong and collar. Logged hook and loop make dressing very easy.

Key features and benefits

  • Lightweight
  • 100% latex-free
  • Machine washable
  • Padded tong and collar
  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-odor and absorb moisture
  • Outer rubber sole
  • Provide arch support

9. Pediped kids flex justice sneakers

shoes for baby learning to walk

Pediped footwear is very stylish and comfortable. Specially designed according to pediatrician recommendation of foot health.

They are constructed in such a way that help a little learner to feel the ground beneath their feet. The outer part leather part is very durable.

Key features and benefits

  • Outer rubber sole
  • Shaft measure low top from arch
  • Machine washable
  • Velcro enclosure for adjustability
  • Accepted by the American podiatric medical association

 10. Adidas kids grand court sneaker toddler

early walker shoes

About the brand:Adidas was stared before 1924 but in 1949 is was recognized as a multinational shoe company.

It is a very popular and trustworthy shoe brand that gives stylish, comfortable durable, and quality products. Adidas is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second-largest in the world after Nike.

Adidas kids grand court sneaker is a stylish leather-made baby walking shoe. Its structure supports tiny toe to move and grow.

Its outer rubber sole gives protection from slip and sliding. It has an inner comfortable foam footbed that supports feet to grow.

These shoes are very light in weight hence allowing the little toddler to move freely all day. Hook and loop closure straps make it easy for dressing. The cushioned collar gives a very soft touch to little’s feet.

Key features and benefits

  • Upper Leather with athletic style
  • Classic logo strips Adidas
  • Inner comfort foam footbed
  • Anti-slip rubber outsole
  • Hook and loop closure strap easy on/off
  • Cushioned collar and tongue
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Regular fit

11. Boys Low Best Walking Shoes for Babies

best baby shoes for early walkers

Robeez is awarded the seal of acceptance by APMA. These mini shoes reflect a great stylish look.

Robeez constructed these shoes with 100percent leather material which gives their upper a very ravishing look. Let’s explore its amazing features in-depth.

Boys Low top Sneakers by Robeez has a very classic and stylish leather-made upper along with hook-and-loop closure for pretty good and fast dressing.

The back of this shoe is made of elastic material that helps in super-fast dressing. The upper part provides great breathability with a perforated structure.

Insoles: Robeez engineered this shoe with a supportive and comfortable footbed and insole, that delivers a great service of comfort.

The insole is designed to make your little toddler’s movement very joyful and protective. Cushioned insole ensures safe movement and feet growth.

Outsole: As for new walkers it’s very hard to maintain balance so this shoe came with a rubber-made sued outsole sole along with split sole shoes with impressive grip on slippery and wet surfaces. The Outsole sole is durable and provides balance and stability.

Key features and benefits

  • 100 percent leather made upper
  • Cushioned and comfy insole
  • Hook-and-loop closure for snug fitting
  • Rubber made sued outsole for grip
  • Breathable smooth upper
  • Elastic back and loop for easy step-in


Why does Your baby need walking shoes?

As your baby starts walking, you need to protect his tiny toes from many problematic things like.

  • sharp objects which cause cuts and serious injuries
  • sprain ankles or other injuries
  • slips and falls

shoes protect your kid from some potential foot diseases.

  • toenail fungus
  • skin irritation
  • planter warts

What factors should I look for when buying a shoe for toddler?

Here are some factors that you should consider while choosing a walking shoe for your little one, these are the most important and key factors a shoe should contain.

  • Rubber/flexible soles: rubber soles are comfortable and make your kid feel like touching the ground. They provide grip and protection from slip and skidding. Rubber soles help to make balance.
  • LOW Heals: Low heals offer more flexibility and stability than a high heal. Low heal provides protection and support. You should not go for high heel shoes for your kid.
  • Insole/Arch support: this is an important factor while looking for shoes. Arch support avoids foot pain. The insole should be flexible enough to provide a very soft sense of stride when your little one steps in.

how can I buy the best shoes for my kid?

You need to be proactive while buying a good pair of shoes for Kids. If your little one has wide feet you should get a little wider shoe to give him a snug fitting.

Final verdict

The above-mentioned best walking shoes for babies are the best ones for your babies. Stride rite brands provide stylish and stunning shoes with a variety of colors and styles. These brands reduce the chances of slipping and protect from falling. While selecting shoes for your babies, you should consider soles, arch support, and toe box.

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