Best supportive shoes for pregnancy

Pregnancy can put a lot of strain on your feet and ankles, so finding the right pair of shoes is crucial. The good news is, there are plenty of options out there that offer the support and comfort you need. Our selection of the best supportive shoes for pregnancy includes everything from sneakers and sandals to boots and loafers. Whether you’re looking for something stylish or functional, we’ve got you covered. Check out our picks today and give your feet the support they deserve during this special time.

Best supportive shoes for pregnancy. Pregnancy brings pain, swollen feet, and many other pregnancy problems or symptoms that demand special care.

During pregnancy, you may need a new pair of shoes. The right pair of shoes is not concerned about comfort, but it should be supportive, breathable, and easy to wear.

The old pair of shoes cannot easily accommodate your swollen and bumpy feet. To get the desired comfort, pain relief, and care for aching feet,

Buying the best maternity shoes requires extra care because if you select improper shoes, it may cause some problems for your feet and lower limbs.

How can I find the best shoes for pregnancy with swollen feet

The pair of shoes with breathability cushioned inner part, flexible insole, and arch support, are the best shoes for swollen feet. The good shoe for pregnancy must contain all these features to avoid irritation and alleviate heel pain.

10 best supportive shoes for pregnancy

  1. Best walking shoes for pregnancy, Sketchers Go walk joy-walking shoe
  2. Best Lightweight Flats for swollen pregnancy feet, Dr. Scholl’s Madison Sneaker
  3. Most breathable shoes for swollen pregnancy feet, Sketchers women Seager
  4. Women’s Scene Stealer Fashion Sneakers by Sketchers
  5. ASCIS Gel-Ds Trainer 24
  6. VIONIC Women’s Orthaheel walker
  7.  New Balance Women’s 928 V3 walking shoes
  8. Best comfortable pregnancy sandals for swollen feet
  9. Comfortable pregnancy shoes
  10. TIOSEBON women’s slip-on walking shoes

1.  Best walking shoes for pregnancy, comfortable pregnancy shoes

Sketchers Go-walk is the perfect shoe that is designed to deliver high comfort for pregnancy. These shoes are manufactured of high-quality, durable fabric material that provides greater breathability to keep your feet dry all day.

The sketchers Go-walk has an open mouth that accommodates your wide swollen feet quite easily and protects you from irritation, a common problem that occurs during pregnancy. Best supportive shoes for pregnancy

The responsive 5g cushioning and sketchers Goga max high rebound insole gives your underfoot exceptional comfort and relaxation.

The most important feature of these shoes is their extra cushioned midsole that makes your outdoor walk very comfortable.

The soft fabric lining and padded collar give your feet a cozy and comfy feeling. These shoes give your feet an unbeatable grip and maintain a high level of stability.

Features and Benefits

  • Fabric made upper
  • Breathability and comfort
  • Adepts to your feet width easily
  • 5G Cushioning and Goga Max insole
  • Rubber sole for exceptional grip
  • Arch support and pain relive

2. Best Lightweight Flats, best shoes for pregnancy

Dr. Scholl’s shoes are made-up with fabric and Microsued synthetic material with some touch of faux leather. These are recommended by most women, as the best shoe for pregnancy.

These shoes have a unique, versatile design and slip-on closure. Dr. Scholl’s provided these shoes with an adaptive upper that adjusts with your feet width, while the breathable feature gives your feet sustainable comfort all day.  Best supportive shoes for pregnancy

The insole is designed with new technologies that ensure greater comfort, while the footbeds provide arch support and a soft feel.

These shoes provide foot care and make your outdoor walk very comfortable. These shoes are lightweight and remove an extra burden from your feet.

Dr. Scholl’s designed their outsole with rubber material to protect you from slip and fall, and ensure strong stability as demanded during pregnancy.

Features and Benefits

  • Microsued synthetic
  • Faux Leather made upper
  • Slip-on closure for easy step-in
  • Slip resistance and traction
  • Arch support and all-day comfort
  • Cozy insoles

3. Most breathable shoes for swollen pregnancy feet

Sketchers is one of the best footwear brands that deliver supportive shoes for pregnancy. Sketchers women Seager is enriched with soft woven flat-knit upper.

That has both the feature of a good pregnancy shoe, the breathable upper for air circulation, and flexibility to adapt the foot width. best supportive shoes

Have a look at their insole, Sketchers gave these shoes the memory foam footbed that is very unique in delivering comfort.

The interesting thing about these shoes is their flexible and lightweight midsole that has a shock-absorbing feature.

These shoes can easily accommodate swollen feet and enable you to enjoy your daily activities.

While walking grip and stability is the most important and attention-seeking factor a woman needs during pregnancy, and sketchers are the strong candidate for this purpose.

These shoes have an external sole made with rubber to deliver amazing grip and outstanding stability.

Features and Benefits

  • Memory foam footbed
  • Flexible and lightweight midsole
  • Best shoes for pregnancy
  • Extra comfort and grip
  • Rubber made external sole
  • Breathability and stylish upper

4. Women’s Scene Stealer Fashion Sneakers by Sketchers

During pregnancy you may want to enjoy outdoor gatherings, the perfect outfit also requires the perfect pair of shoes.

Sketchers women’s scene-stealer sneakers are the best in terms of stylish look and the most demanding thing, that is comfort and stability.

best work shoes for pregnancyThese sneakers have a very decent stylish mesh upper for air circulation, and a stripe pattern aids in a fashionable look.

The colorful straps and slip-on design make these shoes the best fashion sneaker for pregnancy.

The inner part of the shoes is very cozy as it contains the ideal memory-foam sock bed that is very supportive for swollen feet.

It protects your feet from pain and problems caused during pregnancy. The midsole of these sneaker has the great ability of shock-absorbing and keeps your feet relaxed during all-day usage.

Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Stylish and air ventilation upper
  • Relieves pain and prevents irritation
  • Memory foam sock-bed
  • Slip-on design

5. ASCIS Gel-Ds Trainer 24 best pregnancy shoes

ASCIS is one of the award-winning footwear manufacturing brands that have a great history of delivering quality and durable footwear. The ASICS Gel-DS is enriched with the latest technologies like Flytefoam technologies and I.G.S and much more.

The upper part of these shoes is designed with synthetic and mesh materials which enhanced the breathability to keep the feet dry all day. Lace-up closure helps to give snug fitting as per your feet width and comfort level. best pregnancy shoes

The inner part of these shoes contains the nano-fabric-made lightweight midsole, that provides cushioning and keeps your feet comfortable for prolonged time usage.

The rearfoot gel technology embeds great cushioning and with the shock-absorbing facility.

To make your gait cycle stable and secure ASICS implemented the Impact guidance system technology for a smooth transition to midstance.

The rubber made outer sole is lightweight and ensure unbeatable grip and traction. These shoes have a removable EVA sock liner that enables you to remove the insole to easily accommodate swollen feet.

ASICS has all the best characteristics of the best workout shoe for pregnancy.

Features and Benefits

  • Durable and stable
  • Lightweight and cozy
  • Breathable upper
  • Perfect for workouts and walking outdoor
  • Cushioned insole and

6. Best arch support shoes for pregnancy

Are you looking for ideal shoes for pregnancy? You are in the right place VIONIC women’s Orthaheel shoes are the best shoe for pregnancy. These shoes have AMPA approved seal of acceptance. shoes for pregnant women

These shoes have leather made stylish Upper along with lace-up closure for secure fitting.

They have ultimate breathability that keeps your feet dry even for all-day usage. Vionic have podiatrist-designed footbeds that ensure great support and stability.

These shoes have active motion system technology to provide you a balanced and efficient gait cycle and comfortable walk.

The outer sole delivers unbeatable grip and traction and resistance to slip. Vionic Women Orthaheel shoes have all abilities of the best supportive shoes for pregnancy.

Features and Benefits

  • AMPA approved seal of acceptance
  • Lace-up closure for secure and snug fitting
  • Podiatrist-designed footbed
  • Provides efficient gait cycle
  • Unbeatable grip and traction
  • Slip resistance rubber outsole

7. New Balance Women’s 928 V3 walking shoes

New Balance best running shoes for pregnancy is a very famous footwear brand that has outstanding features and properties. The customer’s satisfaction and comfort are the priority of New Balance. New balance delivers durable and supportive shoes for women for almost all occasions and activities.  best shoes during pregnancy

New Balance Women’s 928 V3 walking shoes have leather made upper which gave this shoe durability and a very stunning look.

The upper part contains the laces up closure to make dressing secure and the brand logo aids in style.

This pair of shoes has supportive midsoles and cushioned footbeds for enhanced comfort and avoids irritation caused by pregnancy symptoms.

The cushioning along-with the combination of compression resistance helps to absorb any pressure on your feet and keeps you relaxed for all-day.

The outer sole is made-up of the NDurance rubber material that gives extraordinary grip and prevents slipping. New Balance Women’s 928 V3 shoes are the best shoes for pregnancy.

Features and Benefits

  • Very supportive and durable
  • Comfortable for swollen feet
  • Prevents and protects from irritation
  • Shock absorption
  • Extraordinary grip and traction

8. Best comfortable pregnancy sandals for swollen feet

Adidas designs very supportive footwear for men, women, and kids. The best indoor slippers for pregnancy, Adidas women comfort slide sandal is very supportive for pregnancy symptoms.

You can easily slide in and enjoy safe inhouse activities. The upper part has color strips for unique Adidas design and outlook. These slippers are available in different colors and styles. best pregnancy shoes

These are known as the best bedroom slippers and keeps your steps safe and secure on slippery floors.

Adidas designed their outsole with rubber material to ensure grip and makes your walk cycle balanced.

Features and Benefits

  • Slide-in design
  • Flexible and durable upper
  • Comfortable footbeds
  • Ensures slip resistance
  • Supportive for indoor usage
  • Open sandals provide breathability

9. Comfortable pregnancy shoes

Toms slip-on pregnancy shoes are designed with canvas and rubber material to deliver exceptional comfort.

These shoes have elastic V that easily accommodates your feet. These after pregnancy shoes have a very unique and stylish upper made of canvas material.  best non slip shoes for pregnancy

The cushioned Sued insole gives excellent comfort and soft touch to your underfoot.

The inner part has a latex arch insert, the insole is very supportive for pregnancy symptoms.

These shoes have rubber made outer sole to protect you from the factors that caused slip and fall.

Toms have all the characteristics of the best shoes during pregnancy.

Features and Benefits

  • Canvas and rubber made
  • Exceptional gr
  • ip and balance
  • Durable and lightweight
  • The cushioned inner part is very cozy
  • Provides great Arch support

10 TIOSEBON women’s slip-on walking shoes

TIOBESON slip-on best shoes for pregnancy winter are women’s ideal choice as pregnancy shoes, it is because of their stunning look and elastic knit upper.

The upper part of these shoes is made of flexible and breathable material that keeps feet dry. This pair of shoes can reduce pregnancy problems like swollen feet and irritation. best non slip shoes for pregnancy

These shoes have a soft insole that is very comfy for feet during all-day usage.

Cushioned footbeds gave you the soft touch feel like your feet touching the soft ground. Consumer satisfaction is the topmost priority of the TIOSEBON shoe brand.

Md outer sole provides extraordinary grip and friction to avoid slipping and makes you stable.

These shoes are perfect for casual use and daily walking and other activities like exercise.

Features and Benefits

  • Slip-on design for quick dressing
  • Elastic knit upper
  • Breathability and comfort
  • Keeps feet dry all time
  • Supportive for swollen feet


Getting the right pair of comfortable pregnancy shoes is always a confusing task for women. The above-mentioned list contains the best supportive shoes for pregnancy. The Sketchers Go walk are the best walking shoes for pregnancy shoes. if you are looking for the best arch support shoes, you should go for Vionic Women’s Orthaheel walker.

Did you find our list of reviewed pregnancy shoes helping? Please let’s know if you have any suggestions and feedback.

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