Best slippers for diabetics

Best slippers for diabetics. Diabetic comes with some hurting conditions, even for the foot we well. During diabetic feet starts swelling, it causes serious pain and much more. To tackle these conditions, you should have proper footwear.

Slippers have different sizes and shapes with different characteristics, choosing the right one requires a little bit of knowledge.

A good diabetic slipper has an easy wear style, cushioned insole, and grip. Pain relief is another important factor that should be given importance while choosing slippers for diabetics.

A multi-layer footbed with odor-free options added with arch support is the ideal slipper for diabetic neuropathy conditions. To make your search for diabetic slippers we have proposed a list of the Best slippers with positive customer reviews.

8 Best slippers for diabetics reviews

  1. isotoner Women’s Andrea Open Toe Slide
  2. isotoner Women’s Terry Spa Slip-On Slide
  3. Acorn Women’s Spa Thong with Premium
  4. isotoner Women’s Chevron Microterry
  5. Men’s Slippers with Arch Support
  6. Hanes Slipper Clog with Memory Foam
  7. Men’s Open Toe Diabetic Recovery Slippers
  8. Foamtreads Men’s Extra-Depth Wool Slippers

1. isotoner Women’s Andrea Open Toe Slide Slipper

Best slippers for diabetics

isotoner is a trusted brand of shoes that delivers exceptional comfort and desired relaxation to your feet. these slippers come with a moisture-wicking feature and deliver an itch-free wearing experience.

Best slippers for women are provided with arch support and keep your diabetic feet comfy.

Isotoner gave these therapeutic slippers a durable synthetic sole and slip-on open-back design for easy dressing. The breathable upper is very cozy and keeps tired feet easy all time.

It has SmartDRI technology of moisture-wicking that keeps your feet dry and warm all day.

Best outdoor slippers have rubber-made soles, you can use them as outdoor slippers as well, they have unbeatable grip and traction.

These versatile and chic easy slip-on indoor/outdoor slippers are perfect for women of all ages.

Features and benefits

  • Machine washable and can be cleaned easily
  • Durable and versatile soles
  • Moisture-wicking keeps feet dry
  • Has a superb arch support
  • Upper is breathable and cozy
  • Slip-on back design
  • sensitive feet
  • breathable leather uppers
  • Un-matchable comfort and grip
  • Available in small, medium, large, and X-large sizes

2. isotoner Women’s Extra wide slippers for diabetics

extra wide slippers for diabeticsIsotoner terry spa slip-on slippers for women have a good quality memory foam for in-house and outdoor comfort. It has a very decent synthetic sole and is made of 100% pure polyester.

The upper is breathable and has adjustable straps that make it easy to wear shoes for swollen feet.

These comfortable slippers for women have a good slip-on pattern and are very cozy for diabetic foot pain problems.

The multilayer cushioned footbed is superb in providing extra comfort to your underfoot area.

The memory foam hugs your feet swell and reduces the impact of diabetic conditions, with arch support.

The most interesting feature is their weatherproof and anti-skid outer sole that makes your steps stable for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Features and benefits:

  • Memory foam removable footbed ensures comfort
  • Slip-on design for convenient dressing
  • Adjustable strap ensure a secure fit
  • Anti-skid and weatherproof external sole
  • Perfect for diabetic conditions.
  • Durable and versatile material
  • narrow feet

Note: don’t wash with hot water.

3. Acorn Womens extra wide slippers for swollen feet

womens extra wide slippers for swollen feetIf you are looking for anti-skid weatherproof and super cozy extra wide diabetic slippers for a spa with diabetic conditions? Acorn women’s spa thong is the perfect match.


It has a unique flip flop design for secure fitting. These slippers have a multilayer cushioned insole that delivers unbeatable comfort.

The best women slippers with arch slippers have memory foam footbed that takes foot care of underfoot and protects from extreme pain caused by diabetic conditions.

The super cushioned slippers have an open wide toe box and slip-on design to deliver extraordinary relaxation to your toe and wide feet.

Extra cushioning hugs your feet and gives a pain reliever, while moisture absorbing feature keeps the feet dry and irritation-free. The outer sole resists slipping and keeps you stable.

Features and benefits:

  • Flip-flop pattern with slip-on design
  • Multilayer cushioning and memory foam footbed
  • Anti-slip external sole with an amazing grip
  • Great for spa, inhouse, office, and yoga activities
  • Open-wide toes and breathable upper
  • Provides arch support and healing comfort
  • Eliminates pain caused by diabetic conditions.
  • Available in multiple sizes and colors
  • Best for money slippers
  • extra support

4. isotoner Best house slippers for women

best house slippers for women

One more pair of good slippers by isotoner, it is supremely cozy and stylish. This pair of slippers has a unique design and can be used for outdoor party wear, and getting good comfort all day.

These slippers have stretchable upper that makes them easy to wear. These best slippers for women have moisture-wicking features and SmartDRI lining keeps your feet dry even for a prolonged time.

These slippers have durable sued soles and provide good grip over slippery surfaces.

Isotoner micro terry slippers are available in different colors. The inner of these slippers keep your feet dry and warm, deliver good comfort.

These slippers protect your feet from pain and reduce pressure. These are good for indoor and outdoor use.

Features and benefits:

  • Unique style slippers suitable for outdoor parties
  • Suede sole is durable
  • Machine washable
  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile upper
  • Slip-on easy wear style
  • comfortable comfortable

Note: Size could matter, get the next size up.

5. Men’s Slippers Best women’s slippers with arch support

best women's slippers with arch support

Are you dreaming of having a good pair of slippers for diabetic conditions with moisture-wicking velvet lining and fuzzy insoles.

These best quality slippers are the perfect match for your search. Men’s slippers with arch support have slip-on closure to make dressing easier. These diabetic slippers have a siesta design are used for all occasions.

Diabetic shoe problems cause some issues to feet health these are the perfect solution.

These slippers come with desired arch support and a biomechanical footbed that adopts your feet easily.

The designated heel cup and good arch support helps in pain relief and control your feet moving. The versatile and non-skid external rubber sole avoids slip and fall.

Features and Benefits:

  • Ideal slippers for plantar fasciitis
  • Slip-on wear style
  • Easy dressing
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • You can add extra soles
  • Biomechanically footbed and heel cup takes good care of feet
  • Pain relief and prevents from the slippery surface
  • Breathable upper

Note: please check the size before buying

6. Hanes Slipper Clog with Memory Foam

Hanes Slipper Clog with Memory Foam

Hanes is a good slipper brand and delivers good quality and durable slippers for indoor/outdoor activities.

These cozy slippers are available in different sizes and colors, are unisex slippers.

They ensure endless comfort and offer odor free wearing experience. Grip and traction are the mandatory features that attract you more.

The upper is flexible and is made of quality fabrics, offering breathability and expected comfort.

The inner part of the slippers is made of Hanes IQ’s advanced odor protection technology, and you will get these slippers fresh, season after season.

The outer sole is made of anti-skid material and makes your every step secure and safe.

Features and Benefits:

  • Breathable clogs slippers
  • Offer extreme comfort and coziness
  • Synthetic sole and skid-free
  • Odor protection keeps fresh
  • No hesitation of smelly feet after use
  • Unisex slippers
  • Best known for pain relieve

7. Men’s Open Toe best diabetic slippers for men

These fully-opened slippers with open-toe are the ideal choice for most men and women, as diabetic recovery slippers.

It has a unique Velcro design; they are fully opened and allow you to put shoes on your feet and adjust fitting according to your feet width.

It has a unique dressing style, it is placed on feet rather than putting feet into sippers. The flexible upper is made of good quality material and hugs your feet.

These slippers are amazingly comfortable and give your feet instant relief from pressure from swelling, ulcers, pressure sores, diabetes, and sensitive skin.

It eliminates pressure points, and a wide non-binding design provides extra room to toe. The non-skid non slip rubber soles have a superb grip and keep indoor/outdoor activities safe.

Features and Benefits:

  • hook and loop closure
  • well-cushioned insole and shock absorption
  • flexible open wide upper
  • fully opened slippers
  • durable and versatile insole
  • pain relief good for diabetic and ulcer
  • reduces pressure on feet
  • exerts good grip
  • Adjusting the width is easier

Note: be careful while selecting the size.

8. Foamtreads Men’s Extra Best slippers for diabetics

Best slippers for diabetics

These Extra-depth slippers are designed by Foamtreads® Physician, to take care of swollen feet diabetic shoes.

These bootie-style slippers are made up of 100%pure fabric and wool. Stylish slippers for men with cushioned inner provide tremendous comfort.

These slippers come up with a Velcro design that helps you to easily adjust as per your feet’ width. The wool upper is perfect for cold evenings and keeps warm.

These easy-to-wear slippers for men have shock absorption and have healed-to-toe padding for delivering extra comfort house shoes.

These have hook and loop closure at the heel and make fitting more secure. These slippers are extremely cozy for diabetic neuropathy problems such as swelling, pain. The outer sole ensures grip and traction.

Features and Benefits:

  • Velcro closure and hook-and-loop at heal
  • Secure fitting
  • Wool upper is cozy and keeps warm all-day
  • Inner of the slippers are superb for plantar fasciitis
  • External rubber sole has impressive grip and traction
  • Cushioned insole and odor-free

Note: size measurements may vary.


What kind of slippers should a diabetic wear?

Know your materials/textures and choose footwear that facilitates circulation of air. Don’t overheat in plastic, synthetic suede, or other skimp-on-breathable materials. Laces, buckles and velcro are great features if you’re looking for adjustable or easy fit.

What is the speciality of diabetic slippers?

Diabetic shoes for people who suffer from diabetes are designed to help prevent ulcers from forming, relieve soreness caused by foot strains and calluses, and prevent any form of irritation on the foot as you move.

(How to Clean Best slippers for diabetics)


Best slippers for diabetics. There are many kinds of slippers and shoes available in the market, but it takes much time to get out to the market. It also takes prior knowledge of which slippers are good for a diabetic condition. The above list has some of the best slippers for the diabetic. This list contains slippers for both men and women.  Isotone slippers are the best slippers for women, and Men’s Open Toe Diabetic Recovery Slippers are best for men suffering from diabetic conditions.

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