Best shoes to wear after a broken ankle

Best shoes to wear after a broken ankle. Ankle Injuries affect the Gait cycle and movement. When recovering from injuries, you need a good pair of shoes to protect your ankle. A good pair of shoes makes your Gait cycle balance and secure. If you are suggested by the doctor a good pair of shoes, then it’s well and good. But if not so and you are looking for good pair of footwear, we will make your search easy.

How can I buy a good pair of shoes for my broken ankle? While buying a pair of shoes for a broken ankle, you should consider some important factors.  Ideal footwear for broken ankle has arch support, cushioned insole, breathable upper, and grip and balance. We prepared a list based on unbiased reviews of customers.

Top 8 best shoes to wear after a broken ankle 2021 buying Guide

  1. United Ortho-Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot
  2. Aircast SP (Short Pneumatic) Walker Brace/Walking Boot
  3. Adidas Men’s Pro Next 2019 Basketball Shoe
  4. Saucony Men’s Grid Omni Walker Running Shoe
  5. Men’s M1340 Optimal Control Running Shoe by New Balance
  6. New Balance Men’s 928 V3 Lace-up Walking Shoe
  7. Under Armour Men’s Charged Assert 8 Mrble Running Shoe
  8. Under Armour Men’s Charged Impulse Running Shoe

1.United Ortho-Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot

Best shoes to wear after a broken ankle

If you have a bad ankle, you need the best supportive shoes to protect your ankle. United Ortho-Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot is the best supportive shoe that can be used as left and right fits. These fracture boots are amazing in pain to relieve and natural walking. These are designed with specific features to provide customizable compression. The unique style of fractured boots has a plastic shell and support for the ankle.

The best affordable medical shoes have a plastic shell and steel reinforcement for proper support and a good gait cycle. The interesting feature of these fracture boots is their shock absorption insole that ensures safe heel landing. The air bladder helps to adjust compression with the comfort level. The rocker sole is good for providing comfort and arch support.

Features and benefits

  • Universal style: fits right or left foot
  • Good for fracture, tissue damage, and other problems
  • Has shock absorption
  • Safe heel landing feature
  • Reduces pain with air bladder compression
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Up straight support
  • Best for the money ankle boot

Note:  check the size before buying, shoes size could be an issue

2.Aircast SP (Short Pneumatic) Walker Brace/Walking Boot

Best shoes to wear after a broken ankle

The Aircast SP (Short Pneumatic) Walker Brace is 2nd best for protecting your ankle while recovering from injury. These are specifically designed to provide you stable and protected walking experience. These are suitable for recovery from an ankle fracture, tissue damage, ankle sprains, midfoot injuries, and much more. These shoes provide stable mobility with a balanced gait.

These shoes have a hand bulb for adjusting pressure and customizing support levels. These shoes have ample space for easy dressing, and a low rocker sole makes for natural ambulation. These are very supportive and help you in day-to-day activities. It has a unique universal style and can be fitted as a left or right shoe. These have comfy footbed for extreme support.

Features and benefits:

  • Universal wear style
  • Secure fitting
  • Best support for broken ankle and feet injuries
  • Ample room for dressing
  • Customizable support with handle bulb
  • Helps in natural ambulation
  • Best known for ankle and foot injuries

3.Adidas Men’s Pro Next 2019 Basketball Shoe

best shoes to wear after ankle surgery

Adidas is one of the top trending brands of footwear. These Adidas men’s basketball shoes have high ankles, which is good for those recovering from broken ankles. The high color delivers comfort and cushioning for ankle support. The best Adidas shoes to support walking and balanced gait cycle.

The inner of the shoes contains a well-cushioned CloudFoam insole to ensure enhanced comfort. Besides that, they have greater arch support and make your heel landing safe and secure. The upper of these Adidas shoes are made of leather and breathable material to avoid irritation and sweating. The outer sole has superb traction and grip.

Features and Benefits:

  • Best supportive shoes for men with arch support
  • Cushioned insole
  • Leather made breathable upper
  • Keeps feet fresh
  • Ensures comfort and keeps feet relax
  • Fabulous ankle support
  • Makes gait secure
  • Skid free external sole
  • Easy wear style and laces for a secure fit

Note: price can be a factor for one on budget. While choosing size be careful.

4.Saucony Men’s Grid Omni Walker Running Shoe

best shoes for ankle support

best shoes for ankle support. Saucony Men’s Grid Omni walker shoes are another good pair for the one rehabilitating after ankle injury or fracture. These durable shoes are made of good material (100% leather) and synthetic material. Saucony gave these shoes an amazing structure to provide full feet support. these are very supportive to control overpronation after ankle fracture. Get this pair of shoes and have safe and secure walking. These shoes have a well-engineered asymmetrical sole for easy biomechanical fit.

The Saucony men’s shoes come with a breathability feature and help in easy walking without sweating. These are designed to make walking easier after injuries. It comes up with cushioned insoles and a footbed to deliver ultimate comfort. Saucony made their outer sole with rubber to make it skid and slip-free.

Features and Benefits:

  • Ideal shoes to control pronation
  • Biomechanical fit
  • Asymmetrical sole
  • Cushioned insole for exceptional comfort
  • Rubber sole for grip
  • Durable and versatile pair of shoes
  • Laces up closure for adjustable fitting

Note:  you may require additional inserts.

5.Men’s M1340 Optimal Control Running Shoe by New Balance

best shoe to wear with walking boot

These shoes have an upper made of mixed material (75% synthetic with 25 % Mesh). New balance designed these shoes for controlling pronation. These have a 12mm heel-to-toe drop for foot comfort. The cushioned inner delivers exceptional comfort and coziness. It has Medicare acceptance code A5500. These shoes exert great grip and traction.

The upper part is breathable and has laced-up closure. New balance gave these shoes easy to wear style. Acteva lite midsole foam makes your feet feel like walking on a cloud, the whole heel-to-toe drop ensures a safe landing. ABZORB crash pad heel unit makes your every step stable. N2 cushioning technology is enabled to deliver extra comfort and help your feet while recovering from ankle problems.

Features and Benefits:

  • super cushioned insole
  • well-engineered heel to toe structure
  • durable synthetic material
  • breathable and versatile upper
  • lace-up closure
  • the rubber sole ensures desired grip
  • lightweight
  • good color combination

Note: Narrow toe box might be an issue for one with a wider toe.

6.New Balance Men’s 928 V3 Lace-up Walking Shoe

Best shoes to wear after a broken ankle

New balance is a trustable brand of shoes that delivers high-quality shoes at a reasonable price. Men’s 928 V3 Lace-up Walking Shoe is the best choice for you if your suffering ankle injury recovery. These true-size shoes are made of 100% leather material. They have a strong grip and traction on slippery surfaces. the durable upper has laces to provide secure fitting. these are good shoes to use for long hour wearing.

The distinctive feature of these new balance shoes is their ABZORB Cushioning. The inner bed absorbs the impact of your feet striking. The compression resistance provides stability. These shoes have a ROLLBAR stability post system that controls rear-foot movement and guide your gait cycle. NDurance rubber outsole technology is good for high wear areas with superb durability.

Features and Benefits:

  • NDurance rubber outsole technology
  • Provides extreme comfort
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent grip
  • Lace-up closure for easy fitting
  • Stylish and durable upper
  • ABZORB cushioning feature

Note:  they have a short tong. 

7.Under Armour Men’s Charged Assert 8 Mrble Running Shoe

orthopedic shoes for broken ankle

The unique style shoes by Armour are a great choice for customers rehabilitating from ankle injuries. These shoes assist you in easy walking and maintaining a good gait cycle. The inner is soft just like walking on clouds. They avoid the impact of heel striking ground and help in easier landing. The breathable mesh upper keeps your feet fresh even for long use.

These shoes have a lightweight mesh upper with three different colors for a beautiful look. Armour gave these shoes low-top from the arch to maintain balance. The durable leather holds your feet firmly and delivers stability and grip. The inner has a good insole, EVA sock liner for softness, and demanded comfort. The midsole has charged cushioning with compression molded foam which gives the feeling of bounce back when your feet strike the ground.

Features and Benefits:

  • skid-free external sole
  • energy return feature
  • easy steps and balance
  • Eva sock liner for softness
  • Cushioning keeps your feet relaxed
  • Good choice for one recovering injuries
  • Maintains balance and stability

8.Under Armour Men’s Charged Impulse Running Shoe

best shoe for ankle pain

Under Armour for men is an ideal choice for you as it helps in keeping the Gait cycle after ankle recovery. These have synthetic-made durable and breathable upper. The shaft measures low top from the arch is good for feet. These shoes provide a secure fit. They have a nice rubber sole for grip. The sleek design is suitable to be sued for various occasions and events.

These shoes have a well-engineered lightweight mesh flexible upper that hugs your feet with comfort. The dual-layered charged cushioning helps in easy steps after broken ankle recovery. The unique structure adopts your feet’ width.

Features and Benefits:

  • flexible upper
  • easy to wear style
  • dual-layer charged cushioning
  • soft insoles
  • helps in controlling pronation
  • good grip on slippery surfaces
  • best for the money shoe
  • durable and versatile
  • long-lasting

Note: fitting may be an attention-seeking factor while buying.


Injuries are unwanted, and even they bring some unexpected results too. After a broken ankle, you need a good pair of shoes to boost recovery. Our list of top 8 best shoes to wear after a broken ankle contains best of all time shoes. The top two on the list are United Ortho-Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot, and Aircast SP (Short Pneumatic) Walker-Brace are the best Medicare shoes for early-stage recovery.

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