Best Shoes For Walking On Concrete

Best Shoes For Walking On Concrete. Are you doing a job that demands standing all day on concrete? Or are you looking for shoes to move all day long on tough surfaces? If this sounds like you then you are in the right place.

Concrete floors can be hard and unforgiving for many of us. They can lead to fatigue and injury if you’re walking, standing, or working on them for extended periods of time. Therefore, it is so important to find comfortable shoes that can provide cushioning and support for your feet.

Likewise, if you suffer from spinal, joint, or muscle issues, or have painful feet due to nerve damage, plantar fasciitis, or other health conditions, wearing the right shoes for walking on concrete and standing all day can make a huge difference. The right pair of shoes can provide support and comfort, allowing you to enjoy your travels without discomfort or pain.

But don’t worry! We will try our best to relieve you from this discomfort. Our below list will make it easy to find a pair of shoes that will suit your individual needs and help you stay comfortable on concrete floors. So, if you’re in need of new shoes good for walking on concrete, be sure to check out our list.

How we test walking shoes

After carefully assessing and testing over 80 different walking shoes, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best options on the market. Our methodology for fair and honest reviews includes:

  • Purchasing the walking shoes with our own funds
  • Putting them through a series of rigorous tests to evaluate their important factors, the most important of which are comfort, durability, and flexibility.
  • In addition to our own evaluations, we also consider user reviews to provide a well-rounded perspective on the performance of each shoe.

Based on our findings, we assign each walking shoe a CoreScore on a scale of 0-100 to indicate how well it performed overall. This scoring system allows us to easily compare the different options and make informed recommendations to help you find the perfect walking shoe for concrete surfaces.

Our Top Pick

If you are in a hurry here is the best top pick for you:

Best shoes for walking on concrete overall – Brooks Ghost 14 


After conducting thorough research and testing, we have determined that the Brooks Ghost 14 is the best shoe for walking on concrete surfaces. We put this kick through a series of rigorous tests and comparisons and were impressed with its performance.

In terms of flexibility, this pair of artistic shoe crafting excels. During our flex test, it measured 18.4N, which is much softer than the average of 40.2N. This means that the shoe allows for a natural range of motion, allowing you to walk comfortably on concrete surfaces.

One of the standout features of the Ghost 14 is it’s cushioning. It has a soft, yet firm cushioning that is located throughout the shoe, providing maximum comfort for your feet. The 8.1mm collar padding is thicker than the average 5.5 millimeters, ensuring that your feet are fully supported and comfortable. That’s called real comfort!

In addition to its comfort and flexibility, this footwear also offers excellent stability. Its wide forefoot and heel provide a stable base, preventing your feet from rolling inward or outward. This means that you can walk and run with confidence and stability on cement surfaces. These awesome qualities make it one of the best running shoes for concrete surface.

Another great feature of the Brooks 14 is its durability. It is built to last, with high-quality materials that can withstand even the toughest conditions. You can be sure that these shoes will last for many miles, making them a great investment.

Moreover, these kicks also offer excellent grip on any terrain. Rest assured that you can walk or run on wet or slippery surfaces without worrying about losing your footing. Overall, the Brooks Ghost 14 is a top-performing shoe that is perfect for walking on concrete surfaces.


  • Extremely Cushioned and comfortable
  • Ultra light-weight with just 255g of weight
  • Highly Flexible for a natural range of motion
  • Provides great stability
  • Durable and built to last
  • Offers excellent grip


  • Not suitable for those with narrow feet, as the wide forefoot and heel may cause the shoe to feel loose and unstable.

For regular cleaning of your Brooks shoes, read our article here.

10 Best Shoes For Walking On Concrete

  1. Women’s sports Shoe by ALEADER
  2. JIASHA Women Athletic Shoe by DUOYANG
  3. New balance women’s FUEL Core
  4. Women Gel Cumulus 20 D by Asics
  5. KUBUA Women’s Shoe
  6. Women’s best boots for standing all day
  7. Nurse Mates Women’s Velocity shoes
  8. Feet mate Women’s Sneaker
  9. Adidas women’s fluid flow running shoe
  10. Nike women’s Atsuma athletic shoe

1. Best women’s shoes for standing on concrete for long hours – Women’s sports Shoes by ALEADER

Best Shoes For Walking On Concrete

If you are looking for an economically fit pair of shoes for walking on hard surfaces.

Then ALEADER’s women’s sport shoe is perfect for you to give you a very comfortable walking experience on concrete surfaces.

This pair of shoes has very impressive and amazing features, let’s explore them one by one of its features.

Women’s sports Shoe by ALEADER comes with lightweight fabric made upper with the addition of breathable double mesh has a cooling effect that allows air to pass and keeps your feet dry and cool.

Women’s sports shoes by ALEADER have all qualities of a good supportive shoe and are best known.

To protect your flat feet and give you support it has 5 claws designed with a laces closure system for manual fitting.

If we look at its insole, we will come to know that the insole is made of cushioned material that gives you a super comfortable and supportive feeling like your feet are touching a very soft ground.

The outer sole is constructed with rubber that expresses great grip and traction. This budget-friendly shoe has all features of the best women’s athletic shoes for walking on concrete surfaces.

Features and Benefits

  • The upper part provides breathability
  • Laces up closure
  • Stylish 5 claws design
  • Solid grip and traction
  • Comfortable cushioned insole

2. JIASHA Women Best walking shoes for wide feet

best women's shoes for walking on concrete

JIASHA Women’s Athletic Shoe is a budget-friendly pair of shoes that is available in multiple colors and is a very stylish and fashionable appearance.

This pair of shoes occupies multiple features, let’s have a glance at its features and its key elements.

This women’s beauty shoe has a synthetic made upper with strong breathability and a modish look.

EVA Footbed insole offers a very relaxing and snug feeling to your feet, and assists in an easy and convenient walking experience on a hard surface.

JIASHA women’s athletic shoe has durable material and is known as. Best women’s shoes for walking on concrete.

The outer sole is very lightweight and shows a very extraordinary grip and strong traction on the concrete surface making your journey very amusable.

If you are bored of using expensive but bulky shoes and want to give your feet some relief from the burden and want budget-friendly but quality footwear, then JIASHA Women Athletic Shoe by DUOYANG is the ideal choice.

It is very demanding and trending among consumers because of its beautiful look along with being lightweight. Best Shoes For Walking On Concrete.

Features and Benefits

  • Inexpensive
  • The upper part has air circulation
  • The external sole poses a great grip
  • The insole comes with supper comfort
  • Lightweight

3. Best shoes for walking on concrete for flat feet – FitVille Extra Wide Walking Shoes

best shoes for walking on concret for flat feet

After testing over 30 walking shoes for flat feet, we have determined that the FitVille Extra Wide is the best option. This sneaker offers a great combination of comfort and style, which is why it quickly became our top pick.

One of the standout features of the FitVille is its removable ArchFit insole. This insole provides a generous amount of cushioning that gently cradles the foot, from toe to heel. Many podiatrists have approved this technology, making it a great choice for those with flat feet.

In addition to its comfortable insole, this kick also has a firm, chunky platform underfoot. This platform has a wide forefoot and base, which helps to provide steady steps. Despite its beefed-up sole, the Extra Wide is easy to walk in thanks to its deep flex grooves.

This shoe is also true to size and has a roomy toe box, giving your toes plenty of space to wiggle. A wide toe box and high instep design allow you more room in the front of the shoe, providing ample space for toes to spread out and move freely.

Its classic design is especially beneficial for those with wider feet or high insteps, as it can help prevent discomfort and irritation. It also provides more support and stability, allowing for a more comfortable and natural walking motion on concrete surfaces. Despite its budget-friendly price, this model is also very durable, making it a great long-term investment.

If you have flat feet, you will love these shoes instantly. They were specifically designed by FitVille to provide mind-blowing comfort for people with flat feet. After wearing them daily, we found that our back pains were gone almost instantly. If you’re looking for comfortable shoes, grab a pair of FitVille Extra Wide. You won’t be disappointed.

Features and Benefits

  • Synthetic + mesh
  • Breathable and stretchable upper
  • Outsole with a strong grip
  • The insole provides a relaxing environment
  • Comfortable

4. Best shoes for walking on concrete all day – ASICS Women’s Gel-Cumulus 21

best running shoes for walking on concrete floors all day

This innovative pair of shoes is designed by using many advanced technologies to provide you comfortable, supportive, and perfect ride and walking experience.

Women Gel Cumulus 20 D is popular among consumers for the last 20 years, Asics introduced new refinements in this shoe and made it best for walking on concrete surfaces.

Manmade Breathable mesh upper has an air ventilation feature that keeps your feet dry and cool all day.

The removable insole is a combination of SpeVa of FLYTE FOAM midsole along with Gel technology cushioning that gives your feet a very lightweight and comfortable movement.

This pair of shoes also has a shock absorption feature that protects your muscles from injuries by reducing the pressure between the toe and heel.

Women Gel Cumulus 20 D by Asics comes with another interesting feature, its midfoot is structured in such a way that it provides full contact with the ground.

The outsole is made of rubber material that delivers great grip and traction on almost all types of surfaces and prevents slip and fall. All features make this shoe the best women’s athletic shoes for walking on concrete.

Features and Benefits

  • Aesthetic beauty
  • Comfy and supportive insole
  • Arch support
  • Air ventilation by upper
  • Rubber-made outsole with the exception of the grip
  • Full contact with the ground

5. Best walking shoes for long-distance on concrete – KUBUA 

shoes for walking on concrete

Very inexpensive and high-quality footwear was introduced by KUBUA. This pair of shoes has very impressive features and is suitable to be used for gym, running, walking, and standing for long hours a day.

Let’s explore the features of this beautiful footwear. Its upper is made of breathable mesh that allows air to pass and keeps your feet very dry and cool during long-time usage.

The Upper is super flexible and adjusts itself with the movement of your feet, while its laces closure system provides you with adjustable fitting according to your wish and need.

Outer rubber-made sole exhibits a strong grip on concrete surfaces and has an anti-slip effect that makes you confident while walking on hard surfaces.

The insole has a cushioned footbed that protects your feet by absorbing shock when your feet strike the ground while excellent cushioning gives comfort and arch support.

A breathable upper, comfortable and flexible insole, and strong grip by outer rubber sole make these the best women’s shoes for walking on concrete all day.

Features and Benefits

  • Durable and quality footwear
  • Inexpensive
  • Suitable for running, walking, and standing
  • Breathable upper
  • Shows great grip and memory foam insole

6. Adidas Women’s best Skechers shoes for walking

adidas Women's Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe

Fabric-made upper with breathable characteristics allows air to pass so your feet will be dry and cool for all-day use safety shoe.

It has slip-on closure for easy on/off and to make dressing quick. This pair of shoes provide extra care for your toe by introducing a little wider toe box with ample space for your feet.

The insole is constructed of fabric material along with a combination of comfortable mesh EVA FOOTBED that pampers your feet and provides moderate arch support and a healthy gait cycle.

The external sole is made of durable rubber material and features an unbeatable grip and very strong traction on almost all types of surfaces.

These shoes are suitable for multipurpose activities such as walking and running, and for a prolonged periods of standing jobs.

Women’s best boots for standing all day are super comfy and have good arch support, that’s why these are famous as the” best work shoes for high arches.”

Features and Benefits

  • Fabric-made stretchable upper
  • Breathable and flexible
  • Strong grip and traction by the outsole
  • Comfortable and soft insole
  • Wider toe box

7. Nurse Best men’s shoes for standing all day on concrete

Nurse Mates - Womens - Torri

This pair of shoes are specially designed for women who are serving in the medical field their jobs require standing for a long time, so they need some special extra care shoes.

The upper part is engineered with full-grain leather upper that gives this shoe a very stylish and fashionable look, while the laces closure system helps you in the manual fitting.

The insole is constructed in such a way that it provides great stability and balance with its composite shank that makes your gait cycle healthy.

Anti-slip outer sole with a solid grip on slippery, hard Concrete floors, and hard surfaces along with strong traction makes you stable and your feet comfortable all day.

Nurse mates, women’s velocity shoes are also known as the “best shoes standing concrete all day” and are super comfortable for women work shoes as nurses.

Features and Benefits

  • Designed for professional medical staff
  • Suitable for a long time standing duty
  • Has a supportive and comfortable insole
  • Extraordinary grip and traction
  • memory foam

8. Best athletic shoes for walking on concrete – Feet mate best shoes for concrete warehouse

Feet mate Women’s Sneaker

To make your walk more comfortable and stable this pair of shoes has all qualities of good footwear for women that require standing or walking for a prolonged time.

Its upper part is very lightweight, and stretchable, and adjusts itself with every strike of your feet.

While its breathability keeps your feet cool and dry during long-time use, while soft stretch knit strips enhance its design and flexibility.

The insole is very soft and comfy and gives your feet a very delightful environment and supports your underfoot while your feet strike the ground it releases tensions between heel and toe.

To give you an unbeatable grip and strong traction this pair of shoes has an unbreakable durable rubber outsole that provides great balance.

Features and Benefit

  • Soft and comfortable insole
  • Pampers your feet
  • Unbreakable rubber sole with supper grip
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Stylish bootie

9. Adidas women’s fluid flow running shoe – Best walking shoes for long distance on concrete

adidas Men's Fluidflow Bounce Running Shoes

Women’s fluid flow shoe is made of synthetic material and features a very comfortable insole, durable outsole, and stylish and knit fit upper.

We will go through its features one by one. The synthetic made upper is very classy and stylish in design, while its lace closure enables you to adjust fitting according to your comfort level. This shoe also features a pull-loop at the heel and tongue.

The inner part of this shoe pampers your feet with extra care and comfort, while the ORTHOLITE insole has shock absorption that gives your feet comfort and energy return on every strike of your feet.

The shock absorption feature reduces pressure on your knee, ankle, and arch and keeps your feet healthy.

The outer sole exhibits a stronger grip on hard surfaces and maintains your stability and balance by preventing from slip also has impressive traction.

This footwear has all qualities of the Best women’s athletic shoes for walking on concrete.

Features and Benefits

  • Synthetic made
  • Pull loop at heel and tongue
  • Ortholite comfortable Insole
  • Flexible and breathable upper
  • Great grip and traction on a hard surface
  • Anti-slip
  • slip resistant outsole

10. Nike women’s Best shoes for working on concrete

Best Shoes For Walking On Concrete 2021

This footwear is constructed with recycled material that helps in less waste and makes this shoe light in weight.

Nike women’s Atsuma athletic shoe is very suitable for hard slippery surfaces because of its solid grip, comfortable insole, and aesthetic beauty look.

Stylish upper with cutouts arranged in a very efficient order that makes it look very different. Upper also has a brand logo at back.

For manual fitting and easy dressing, it also features trendy lace-up closure leather boots.

The insole has a great supportive and comfortable environment for your underfoot pain and protects you from any injuries and problems caused by walking on hard concrete floor surfaces. A comfortable inner part prevents irritation and blisters.

The outer sole is engineered with recycled material that helps to reduce waste, while its extraordinary excellent traction and great grip make your gait cycle healthy and prevent you from slipping and falling. That’s why it is recommended as a best women’s shoes for walking on concrete floors all day by our team.

Features and Benefits

  • Stylish and breathable upper
  • Comfortable and supportive insole
  • Durable outsole
  • Lace-up closure for manual fitting
  • External sole features brand logo
  • Aesthetic beauty refined


Why should I go for athletic shoes for walking on concrete surfaces?

Athletic shoes feature a perfect insole that provides great support and shock absorption when your feet strike the ground, their outer sole is designed with great grip and traction while the upper is breathable so all these features make the athletic shoe a strong candidate for walking on the concrete surface working on concrete floors.

Which type of shoe is good for walking on concrete surfaces?

To walk on concrete surfaces, you need a good pair of shoes that contains a breathable upper, comfortable insole, and outer sole with a strong grip.

Why athletic shoes are important for hard/concrete surfaces?

Walking on hard/concrete surfaces without proper shoes can cause some serious injuries like plantar fasciitis, and muscle pulls lower leg pain. To avoid these injuries athletic/comfortable shoes play an important role.

Can I use athletic shoes for office use?

If your employer allows you can use them for office use, these are perfect for professions in which you require to stand all day, like Nursing and other jobs.

What factors should I consider while buying a good shoe for hard surfaces?

While buying a pair of shoes that is ideal for walking on a hard surface you should consider the following factors. a good walking shoe always has a good comfortable insole that absorbs shock, strong grip, and unbeatable traction and the most important is for long day use it should have a breathable and flexible upper.

Is a high-abrasion rubber outsole good for walking?

Most soles are made using a variety of rubbers. Certain compounds are designed to have better traction and durability than others. A lightweight, thin sole, often found in walking shoes, is worn down quickly and provides less grip but is a lot more flexible and lighter weight.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, when it comes to finding the best shoes for walking on concrete, it’s important to look for a few key features.

  • A sturdy and durable outsole is essential for providing traction and stability on concrete surfaces.
  • A comfortable and supportive insole is also important for reducing impact and preventing discomfort.
  • And, of course, the right fit is crucial for ensuring that your walking shoes feel good and perform well.

Perfect footwear provides you perfect and healthy walk on hard and tough surfaces. Therefore, a good pair of shoes with a strong grip, breathable upper, and a comfortable inner is necessary to prevent injuries. We hope that our unbiased reviews of the best shoes for walking or standing on concrete for long hours will assist you in finding a good pair of walking shoes for cemented surfaces.

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