Best shoes for street running


Running plays very important role in keeping you healthy. Most of people use to run on surfaces like concrete streets, sidewalks. Running on streets is different from running on treadmills so you need shoes that are designated for street running. Using improper shoes for running may cause injuries like calf pain (lower leg muscle pain), cramps and muscle pull

Best shoes for street running

should contain following qualities like cushioning, flexibility and durability. While buying running shoes you should not only consider the outer look but the most important is that you should look for material used, outer/inner sole and shoe structure.

Buying guide or how to choose best pair of shoe for you?

Before buying your pair of running shoes let’s have look on some common factors:

  1. How your feet strike ground?

Everyone has different running styles as well as how their feet strikes ground while he is running? You can either be a heel striker, forefoot striker or mid-foot. For this purpose, you can check your previous pairs of shoes that how they are damaged, from heels mid and side or from fron

2. What is your feet structure?

Foot structure also matters while buying pair of running shoes. Depending upon your foot structure either you have wider foots or you have little high arch these factors are very necessary for shoe selection

3. Toe box, external sole and insole 

While buying your footwear check its toe box should provide ample space, outsole should pose strong grip and insole should be cushioned, flexible and comfortable. 

Top 15 best street running shoes

We fetched a list of best shoes for street running that are most used and admired by many peoples. This list helpful for both men and women.

Nike air zoom Pegasus 36:

Best shoes for street running

About the brand: Nike is very famous for its most demanding and desirable shoes for different fashions and occasions depending on your need.

About the product: if you are looking for breathable running shoes than you are on the right place. Nike air zoom pegasus 36 is most widely used by all type of runners either you are a marathon is manufactured in such a classic way that its breathable material makes this shoes suitable for hot areas. Air can pass so it keeps the foot dry and gives confidence while running. Nike air zoom pegasus 36 the most trusted shoe of Nike brand. Fly-ease system makes dressing process very quick and easy. Inner sole provides extra responsive cushioning that keeps you comfortable all the time and provides arch support while landing and toe off. Midsole contains fly wire cables that provides snug fit and high speed.

Key Features and benefits:

  • Breathable: provides air and keeps dry
  • Flexible outer mesh
  • Cushioned inner midsole: provides flexibility and comfort
  • Fly ease system: gives quick dressing

Adidas ultra-boost 19:

Best shoes for street running

When you are looking for street running shoes Adidas ultra-boost is the best choice for this is engineered in such a way that it provides ventilation that keeps the foot dry and is made of pure synthetic material. Its outer rubber sole prevents from slip. Inner sole has cushioning with dualdensity feature that provides extra energy while your foot strikes ground it provides double energy back to move faster. It provides arch support to move freely and comfortably.

Upper portion is very responsive and adjusts itself according to your movement Mid sole has torsion spring that provides energy and support when foot lands as well as while propulsion at toe off. It laces provide easy dressing and fitting.

Key Features and benefits:

  • it is light weight has weight up to 11 ounces     midsole drop is about 10mm.
  • 100% synthetic
  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Outer rubber sole prevents from slip
  • Cushioning with double energy boost
  • Arch support
  • Has 3D heel frame

Solomon Sonic 3 Balance:

Solomon sonic 3 balance is the best street running shoe that is enriched with all essential features that you expect from a good running shoes. Engineered with combination of foam containing dual affects like shock absorption or reduction of vibration and other is it helps to propel. Its outer material is breathable that keeps the feet dry.

Solomon sonic is very light weight up to 252g. arch drop is about 8mm. regular laces help for manual tight or fitting. Midsole and inner material makes it snug fit. Cushioning material absorbs all sweet and keeps comfortable for long distances.

Key Features and benefits:

  • Cushioning:  double foam gives both shock absorption and removes vibration
  • Lightweight:  weight is about 252g  
  • Traditional laces: for manual fitting  
  • Balance and flexibility 
  • Upper mesh:  breathable and flexible  

Acis men’s Gel Kayano 26 Running shoes:

So far completed 20 years of success as most pretty and popular street running shoe. Lightweight feature makes it desirable for long distances. It is very flexible and supports in running continuously without any fatigue and burden on muscles. Manmade inner material and inner sole and cushioned mid sole provides flexibility and ability to stable and balance while running.

Key Features and benefits:

  • Inner manmade material 
  • Outer part is synthetic 
  • Lightweight and flexible 
  • Notches for flexible running
  • Traditional laces for manual fitting
  • Minimal fraction helps move faster
  • Bouncy cushioning for balance and stability

Nike men’s Tanjun trainers

Its name came from Japanese word meaning “simplicity” and is made in Vietnam. these shoes have simple look. Both inner and outer parts are made of synthetic breathable material. Comes with streamlined and very classy design. It is very flexible and adjust itself while your feet lands and propels for movement improving your running speed. Those who choose Nike Men Tanjun Trainers they feel fearless on running every type of surface, by enjoying their adventure.

Key Features and benefits:

  • Simple outer look
  • Synthetic Inner and outer part
  • Lightly padded tongue and collar
  • Has laces closure for manual fitting
  • Heel:  has flat heel
  • Cushioned midsole      Breathable and flexible

Inov-8 Men’s X-Talon G210

About the brand: founded in 2003 and is famous for manufacturing running shoes and apparel. Its products are very durable and demanding among athletes.

This iconic street running shoe has graphene grip made of rubber outer sole that allows extra ordinary grip improving balance and durability. Outer part is made of water repellent material means can be used in any whether is very lightweight and is suitable for long distances and aids in moving faster. These are breathable, flexible and keep the foot dry. Designed with met cradle technology that keeps foot lock form middle resulting in balance and stability.

Outer gum rubber sole prevents from skidding and slip. Because of its wider toe box. it is very suitable for runner with wider feet toe.

Key features and benefits:

  • Graphene grip: extraordinary grip
  • Water repellent 
  • Met cradle technology for arch support
  • Are breathable and flexible 
  • Anti-slip Outer sole: outer gum rubber sole 
  • Suitable for wider toe runner

Saucony Endorphin pro

Endorphin pro are very famous as speed shoe regardless of surface you are running. It is developed with the assistance of Olympian athlete Jared ward.  Engineered by using speedrall technology. Advanced technology used that reduces friction and boost speed for propulsion. inner midsole is cushioned that provides balance and shock absorption.

PWRRUN because of it super responsive cushioning it is very trending and demanding shoe among almost every type of runner. Carbon fiber plate is used in toe box that transmit energy for better and faster movement and results in increased speed. Has traditional shoe laces for manual fitting. Outer part is breathable   and lightweight.

Key Features and benefits:

  • Inner and outer material is synthetic 
  • PWRRUN responsive cushioning
  • Regular laces for manual fitting
  • Lightweight and flexible 
  • Carbon fiber plate for boosting speed

Men’s charged assert 8 running shoe

It is very durable shoe made of leather material which makes it stable. Men’s charged assert shoe is very light weight and reduces muscle pain and keeps comfortable during running period. Inner part is capable of absorbing moisturizer and keeps feet dry all time. Midsole is cushioned with double foam which gives bouncy feeling and balances movement while controlling landing and toe- off. Provides arch support, Light weight mesh upper and Eva sock line makes easy step in.

Key Features and benefits:

  • Leather made 
  • Lightweight 
  • Inner moisturizer absorbing material
  • Double foam midsole provides bouncy feeling 

New balance 520v6 running shoe 

 New balance 520v6 is engineered with breathable synthetic material that provides elegant style. very stable and flexible shoe, and gives you feeling like you are walking on soft ground. Tradition shoe laces help in manual fitting so you can adjust according to your requirement. Suitable for medium width foot size. 

 outer sole is made of rubber that adjusts with the ground by providing elasticity and ensures your safety while even if you are running on slippery ground. It is multipurpose shoe you can use for jogging, running, for gym means suitable for all running types. inner midsole is of cushioned material which has shock absorption effect and boost your performance reducing pressure.

Key Features and benefits:

  • Synthetic material used 
  • Breathable and flexible
  • Regular laces
  • Outer rubber sole prevents from slip
  • Cushioned midsole for shock absorption 

Adidas Solar Glide ST19

Designed for long running purpose, is very stable and durable shoe that blends performance like breathability, comfort, flexibility and strength. Available for both men and women. Synthetic outer mesh part gives fitting. solar glide st 19 is very breathable and keeps feet dry all the time. Inner dual density double cushioned midsole absorb shock and maintains balance. Molded heel part provides bouncing feel and locks into the fit. Regular shoe laces assist in easy dressing. 

Key Features and benefits:

  • Breathable and flexible
  • Better for long distances
  • Dual density cushioned provides balance
  • Tradition shoe laces for manual fitting
  • Energy return and molded heel for heel support

Brooks men’s adrenaline GTS 20

Men’s adrenaline GTS 20 is very lightweight about 10oz and flexible pair of shoe that provide super support assisting in comfortable running. This pair of shoe comes with different styles and colors. 3D streamlined mesh upper is breathable and adjusts itself with your foot movement. Guiderails also monitors and checks excess movement to prevent not only foot but also more injury-prone area like knee.

DNA Loft cash pad Cushioned mid sole along with Bio Mogo DNA assures extra balance and comfort by adjusting according to your stride. Its 3D crooked fit print saddle is lifted from heel and wrapped along arch to control movement. Suitable for all purposes like running, gym and walk.

Key Features and benefits:

  • Lightweight and flexible upper mesh 
  • Cushioned midsole 
  • 3D asymmetrical fit print
  • Weight about 10oz
  • Available in different styles and color
  • Breathable and keep feet dry

Mizuno wave horizon 4 running shoe:

Mizuno is unique in its style and technology for delivering high quality shoes in terms of support, flexible and smooth rides. Mizuno wave horizon 4 is made of synthetic material and its midsole is combination of both innovative XPOP foam and Mizuno foam will provide you extra running power.  Mizuno is engineered with integrated Dynamotion fit technology that gives glove- like fitting. Its Aero-hug mesh is wrapped around mid-foot area to give you comfortable and secure fit under arch.

Its padded tongue with collar prevents from risk of irritation that mostly occurs by rubbing and chaffing. Has regular shoe laces means you can adjust your desired secured fitting level. Outer thick sole is made of carbon rubber makes it durable even for long distances.

Key Features and benefits:

  • Made of Synthetic material 
  • Integrated Dynamotion-fit technology for better fitting.           Aero-hug provides secure fit.
  • Regular laces for manual fitting
  • Air-mesh: for breathability and flexibility of upper part.
  • Cushioning: combination of XPOP Foam and Mizuno foam gives comfort and boost speed.

Saucony Echelon 7 

This is the improved version of Echelon 6 with wider toe box provide extra space to your feet. these shoes are specially designed for people with wide feet to achieve their running goals. Those who are suffering with under pronation or supination should get this footwear for comfortable running experience.

FORMFIT footbed with EVERUN sole provide great energy return when your feet strike ground and has bouncy feature, while sockliner gives them durability and resiliency. 8mm offset between heel and forefoot aids in balance and comfortable.

Key Features and benefits:

  • FORMFIT footbed with EVERUN sole for comfort
  • Gives great balance and stability with 8m offset between heal and forefoot  
  • Upper mesh makes it lightweight
  • Rubber outsole for grip
  • Good for people suffering with supination  

Brooks Men’s GHOST 12

Brooks men’s ghost 12 is super comfortable, durable and flexible footwear, suitable for wide feet. Wide toe box keeps your toe relax all time while its 3D fit print and new engineered mesh gives gloves like fitting. Insole is combination of BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT provide underfoot softness and has energy return and bouncy feeling on every strike. Laces closure assists in manual fitting and dressing. Has won world “editor’s choice “award for its great and excellent performance and service.

Key Features and benefits:

  • Rubber outsole for grip and flexibility 
  • Smooth and stable ride
  • Cushioned footbed 
  • Energy return feature with its BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT insole       laces closure system  
  • 3d Fit print for perfect fitting  
  • Wide toe box for toe protection

Under Armour charged Bandit 3   2E Sneaker 

Engineered with synthetic and mesh and comprises all features of a good running shoe the top most is its lightweight upper along with knit fitting. Upper part is constructed with synthetic and mesh to give strong fitting, while insole has molded High rebound EVA sockliner along with charged cushioning to provide comfort and excellent running performance. External sole provide superb grip and heel frame keeps heel firm and prevent from heel slippage.

Key Features and benefits:

  • Breathable and airflow 
  • Upper mesh and synthetic gives snug fitting 
  • Dual density cushioned sole provide comfort 
  • Provide strong grip and balance 

What are qualities of a good running shoe? 

 A good shoe offers great flexibility and breathability along with strong grip, while its inner part should be comfortable and cushioned to give energy return feature.

Final verdict:

Above mentioned all shoes are the best shoes for street running in terms of their good grip, flexibility and comfort. Some they are good for narrow feet and other for wide feet. Brooks Men’s GHOST 12 is best shoe for wide feet and has best-selling record. We hope you will find this review helpful.

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