Best Cheap Soccer Cleats

Soccer cleats are a crucial part of a player’s kit to provide traction, support and control on the field. However, not all cleats have to come with a hefty price tag. You can also find affordable options that provide both comfort and performance. Here, we have made a list of the best cheap soccer cleats for you.

Best Cheap Soccer Cleats: Our Top Picks 2024

We have gathered the best soccer cleats under $100 and even under $50 by scouring the internet for top brands and budget-friendly options. These cleats will help you dominate the pitch without breaking the bank whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting.

1- Hawkwell Men’s soccer cleats – Best Outdoor Training Soccer Cleats

Hawkwell Men's Athletic Soccer ShoesWith Hawkwell, you can elevate your soccer game with confidence. The Hawkwell Men’s soccer cleats are super light, soft and comfy which makes them easy to wear.

They’re fantastic at absorbing shock and providing cushioning support for your feet. Moreover, you can lace them up the old-fashioned way to give you a customized fit for each part of the shoe.

The upper part of the shoe is made of synthetic leather which provides a nice and comfy walk and helps you control the ball at high speeds.

Lastly, the cleats on the sole are designed for natural grass fields to give you an excellent grip on firm and dry surfaces.

  • Affordable price
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Good for wide feet
  • Fits true to size
  • Not durable for serious athlete

Why you should buy Hawkwell Men’s soccer cleats?

I suggest you buy Hawkwell Men’s soccer cleats because they offer exceptional traction that provides you with superior stability and control on the field. Moreover, these cleats also feature a comfortable and durable design to ensure a great fit and long-lasting performance.

2- Adidas Unisex-Child soccer cleats – Best Kids Soccer Shoe

Adidas Unisex-Child soccer cleatsAdidas Unisex-Child soccer cleats are designed for junior players who want excellent traction and speed on the field.

Also, they have a synthetic upper which means that the top part of the shoe is made from lightweight and man-made materials to keep your feet comfortable.

What’s even better is that these cleats are environmentally friendly. Because they’re made partly from recycled materials such as leftover scraps from production and things people have thrown away.

These best cheap soccer cleats help to reduce the impact on our environment compared to making everything from new materials. So, you can feel good about wearing them on the field while knowing you’re making a small difference for the planet. Lastly, invest in their comfort and game improvement with the adidas unisex soccer cleats.

  • Good quality for the price
  • Excited child, comfortable fit
  • Great for youth soccer and starting out
  • Good value for money
  • Nice looking cleats
  • Runs small and narrow
  • Not real leather

Why you should buy Adidas Unisex-Child soccer cleats?

I am suggesting you buy these best cheap soccer cleats because these cleats offer excellent comfort and durability for young players. Their quality design ensures reliable performance on the field to make them a smart choice for your child’s soccer needs.

3- DREAM PAIRS soccer cleats – Best Men’s Soccer Cleats Shoes

DREAM PAIRS Men's Firm Ground Soccer Cleats Shoes

The DREAM PAIRS Men’s Firm Ground Soccer Cleats are made with a synthetic leather upper, offering a lightweight, durable, and comfortable fit. The soft touch on the ball is a game-changer.

These are designed for natural grass surfaces to provide extra traction on firm, dry fields. You’ll stay on your feet and in control.

Moreover, the TPU firm ground outsole not only offers plenty of traction but also a comfortable fit under your foot. You’ll feel secure with every step.

The traditional lace-up closure lets you personalize the fit. You can lace and tighten each part of the boot as needed for a snug, comfortable fit. The EVA mesh midsole provides shock absorption, ensuring your feet stay comfortable and supported throughout the game.

All in all,  the DREAM PAIRS Men’s Firm Ground Soccer Cleats are a winning choice for soccer enthusiasts. They’re built for performance, comfort, and durability, making them an excellent addition to your soccer gear collection.

  • Low price for good quality cleats
  • Flashy design
  • Comfortable fit after a few months of use
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Discoloration issues with some color options

Why you should buy DREAM PAIRS cleats?

I suggest you buy these Dream Paris cheap soccer cleats because they offer a winning combination of quality, comfort and style. These cleats are designed to enhance your performance while ensuring your feet stay comfortable during the game. Plus, they come in a variety of stylish designs to match your personal preference.

4- DREAM PAIRS Kids Football Shoes – Best Boys Girls Soccer Cleats

DREAM PAIRS Boys Girls Soccer Cleats Kids Football Shoes

The DREAM PAIRS Kids Football Soccer has an outsole injected with TPU which helps with stability and grip. So, you won’t slip easily.

Moreover, the upper part of the shoe is made from a lightweight and durable synthetic material. The upper part also has a textured surface to make it easier to control the soccer ball.  Therefore, You can adjust and secure the fit with the traditional lace-up closure.

Lastly, please note that they’ve upgraded the lining material and the logo on the upper part. You might get either the old or new version randomly. But it won’t affect the overall function of these soccer shoes.

  • Durable and great for soccer season
  • Similar price to name-brand materials on Amazon
  • Comfortable and well-fitting after breaking in
  • Liked color options
  • Run small, don’t come in half sizes
  • Tongue of shoe can cause blisters

Why should you buy DREAM PAIRS soccer cleats?

I am suggesting you buy DREAM PAIRS Toddler soccer cleats because they offer great value for young players. These cleats are designed with comfort and performance in mind to ensure an enjoyable and safe soccer experience for your toddler.

5- ASOCO DREAM soccer cleats – Best Cheap Football Cleats

ASOCO DREAM Soccer Shoes

The upper part of these shoes is made from synthetic leather which is lightweight and durable. It feels comfortable and gives you a soft touch when you handle the ball.

Inside the shoes, they are breathable to ensure your feet stay comfortable and dry. This allows you to move freely and naturally without any discomfort.

Moreover, these shoes have a strong grip because they come with firm ground cleats. They are specially made for natural grass surfaces and provide extra traction, especially on dry and firm fields.

You can use these soccer shoes for various occasions, whether it’s outdoor or indoor play. They work well on soft, firm and hard ground as well as artificial turf to make them versatile for different playing conditions.

  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Good value for the price
  • Great traction on grass
  • Comfortable and fit true to size
  • Durable and suitable for multiple sports
  • May run small
  • Shipping times may be long

Why you should buy ASOCO DREAM Soccer Shoes?

I am suggesting you buy the ASOCO Dream soccer cleats because they offer exceptional comfort and durability. Their design and materials are tailored for top performance to make them a great choice for any soccer player. Plus, they come at an affordable price to ensure you get quality without breaking the bank.

Buyer’s Guide: Best Cheap Soccer Cleats

Here are the main points to consider when it comes to buying guides for purchasing cheap soccer cleats:


You should buy the best soccer cleats that offer good quality at an affordable price. Because cheap cleats may not last as long as premium options. But they should still offer decent durability, comfort and performance.


You should always check the materials used in the cleats, as cheaper options because may use synthetic materials that are less durable than leather. However, there are high-quality synthetic materials available that can provide good performance at a lower cost.


Also, you should ensure that the cleats fit properly and provide good support and stability as a poor fit can lead to discomfort, blisters and even injury.

Type of cleats:

You should make the right type of cleats based on the playing surface. For example, molded cleats are better for firm ground while turf shoes are more suitable for artificial surfaces.

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What brand is best for soccer cleats?

When it comes to the best soccer cleats in 2024, here are some top picks:

  • Under Armour’s Unisex UA Shadow Pro FG for excellent performance.
  • Puma offers the Men’s Future Z 1.4 FG for men who want quality.
  • Women can go for the Nike Streetgato for top-notch soccer cleats.
  • If you have wide feet, the Adidas Copa Pure II is a great choice.
  • Kids can enjoy the game with Nike Jr. soccer cleats.

How much should you spend on soccer cleats?

Soccer cleat prices vary a lot. Some are as low as $50, while others can go over $300. But the good news is, you can get great cleats without spending too much. Just look at the materials, fit, and studs, and you’ll find excellent soccer cleats for under $100.

What cleats does Ronaldo wear?

Cristiano Ronaldo usually wears Nike soccer cleats, and he’s a big fan of the Mercurial range. He even inspired two Mercurial cleat designs for Al Nassr, the team he plays for.

Are soccer cleats worth it?

Soccer cleats can be worth it if they have the right tech for your performance. Pros wear high-end ones, but they pick what suits them best. The key is finding cleats that match your needs for better play.

What is Messi’s cleats?

Messi’s latest cleats are named Adidas X CrazyFast “Las Estrellas,” which means “the stars” in English. They’re called this because they feature three golden stars on the back heel, representing Argentina’s three World Cup wins.

Best Cheap Soccer Cleats – Conclusion

In the world of soccer, your choice of cleats can make or break your performance. When searching for the best soccer cleats, look for features like comfortable fit, excellent traction, and durability. A well-designed pair of cleats can be the game-changer you need to elevate your play on the field. So, explore the options, choose wisely, and get ready to conquer the field with confidence and style. The right pair of soccer cleats can be the key to your success in this beautiful game.

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