About us

Welcome to My Site! My name is Lisa!

I’m a mother. I really like to choose shoes and slippers. And I want everyone in my household to be able to live their lives without having to worry about their comforts!

So, through trial and error, I learned how to choose the best kinds of footwear for various kinds of everyday situations. That’s why at this point, shoe shopping has become my hobby! Shoes are among some of the essential fashion accessories that women must not be without (or men either for that matter.)

This site  will help You to choose!

Taking time to care for your feet at the end of a busy day does not need to feel like a chore and we would like to help. The good news is there are plenty of decisions in footwear and it can be difficult to make a choice when you’re feeling exhausted.

We want to guide you towards finding the ideal pair of shoes that meet your needs, including comfort, support, size and style. Naturally this doesn’t mean that if safety or health issues come into play than safety ought to always come first.

Additionally safety features such as anti-slip technology and antishock properties can definitely give your feet an added sense of security.

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